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Recently, the autumn and winter mode has been turned on with one click across the country

The temperature suddenly took a big plunge

In the weather of 10 or 20 degrees, everyone wore long-sleeved jackets

And the pants don’t know which one to wear

Girls with thick legs basically rely on wide-leg pants to survive all year round

In addition to wide-leg pants or wide-leg pants in the wardrobe

No matter how the upper body is changed, as long as the lower body is still wide-leg pants

It’s like not changing your clothes

And what you think is a wide-leg pants to wear

It could be like this


Actually, it ☟ is

Not thin

On the contrary, it also makes people’s legs thick and short

It seems that the whole person is full of rustic

When you’re still trying to cover your legs with wide-leg pants full of cabinets

Others rely on one

Thin, sculpted and versatile yoga leggings

Hide meat with ease

Get the same good body of the supermodel in minutes!

This universal leggings does not pick the figure and leg shape

The top can be worn casually to show a weight loss of 10 pounds

And it can perfectly match all kinds of dressing styles in autumn and winter!

Take a closer look

The reason why yoga leggings can explode

That’s because it brings all the advantages of leggings

Comfortable, soft, resilient and, most importantly, extremely versatile!

With jeans, sweatshirts, coats, trench coats, T-shirts

It is easy to slim down and quickly change the waist-hip ratio

If you don’t buy one this autumn and winter, I’m embarrassed to say that I will wear it!

The welfare officer selected from a wide range of yoga leggings


Soft and insensitive, thin and versatile, buttocks lifting

in one

And it is the same as Ouyang Nana


Ayaka SAR cloud air layer Barbie pants

Cloud Air Layer leggings are from the big brand Ubras same factory

The workmanship and texture are not inferior to pants for hundreds of dollars

The fabric is comfortable and highly elastic,

Gentle as a “cloud”

It is one highly recommended by Ouyang Nana and Wei Ya!

Real hidden meat modifies the leg shape, showing more than ten pounds thin

Start with two replacement wears

Simple and versatile, enough for the whole autumn and winter

And not just leggings

Slacks, yoga pants, sweatpants again

Soft and comfortable elasticity, one top four, worth it!

The most important thing is –

It’s too cheap!!!

The same style of ubras leggings 199 yuan a piece

And Ayaka SAR air layer leggings

It only costs 79 yuan a piece

Not even a fraction of the big name!

Buy two and get $20 off

Identify the QR code below and buy now

Black technology air layer fabric, nude experience

Wear it as soft as a cloud

In order for everyone to experience the ultimate comfort

Ayaka SAR cloud leggings are made of air-layer fabric

Not only


, than the average fabric

More resilient

The so-called air layer fabric refers to:

It adopts the sandwich design of fabric structure with three pieces of fabric structure inside, middle and outside

Simply put, it is

Cotton-like outer layer + soft inner layer + breathing interlayer

Super comfortable, like putting air on your body

This sandwich-style black technology air layer design

It not only blocks the invasion of outdoor temperature

It also locks in the temperature of the human body itself

The air layer in the middle is very breathable, so you can wear it all year round!

Although it is thin and light, it is warm!

It’s about the same as leggings around 200D

Wear leggings in autumn and warm pants in winter

Now it is most appropriate to wear a jacket / trench coat / sweater + leggings

If it is a little colder, adding a pair of pants outside will not feel tight~

The most intuitive feeling of the upper body is –

Soft, snug and skin-friendly

The legs are like being wrapped in clouds

It really is

Too! Unfold! Wear! Finish!

And the texture is particularly light, and it has a fluffy feeling when pinched and bounced

Gold combination of polyester + spandex

It can be said that it is

The inside of the leggings is relatively top-quality fabric

There is no sense of restraint, super elasticity, and it will not be tight

Sit, walk, run, jump, squat, whatever is comfortable

Not only as an everyday legging

Movement also does not feel the tension at all, and the movement is relaxed

How long to wear it without worrying about deformation~

Best of all, it’s super breathable

Even if you sweat profusely, there will be no bad smell of sweat on your body

Dry and refreshing, very comfortable!

Buttock lift + leg slimming + contouring

Strength modifies the figure, hides the flesh to show thinness

Ayaka SAR cloud air layer leggings are strong and elastic and not tight

The meat harvesting effect is excellent

Specifically designed for women’s exposed shortcomings

The upper body is slim and thin, and the buttocks are lifted without marks!

The legs are subjected to progressive seven-stage split pressure

Staged compression of muscle science from calves, ankles to thighs

360 degrees of uniform force, firm excess meat

Performed on the legs

Tightening, tightening, lifting, pressing, improving and correcting leg shape

The leg shape will also become thinner and straighter

Wear it to be leg essence

The effect of slimming legs is still obvious!

Long-term wear can also improve and prevent varicose veins

Correct O-shaped, X-shaped and other bad leg shapes

Usually loves Jiro legs, has inner eight, and sisters with ugly legs

After wearing it for 30 days, the leg shape naturally becomes good-looking

Use it to get a set of “loose and tight” dressing rules~

No need to lose weight, rely on clothing alone

You can also wear a good figure like a model in autumn and winter

360 degree double tummy tuck + elasticity


Tighten the abdomen appropriately to remind the fat to return to its original position

The meat is not curled, and it easily shapes the small man’s waist

The mid-high rise profile wraps the belly fat while wrapping

Compress the meat and tighten it so that heat does not accumulate

As soon as the waist of the trousers was mentioned, the big belly directly “disappeared”!

Buttock adoption

Three-dimensional buttock lift process

Wrap the butt in a large area and forcibly pull the falling fat

Perfectly conforms to the curve of the buttocks and lifts the buttocks to loosen the fat

Save your sat and slumped ass and wanted to sag!

It’s like lifting your hips with your hands

Pull buttock fat back into place

Unsightly “big mom buttocks” can become firm and rounded buttocks in seconds!

And the anti-pinch buttocks design of the hips is super intimate

Comfortable buttock lift without dropping gears

Offices are either 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters

80-150 pounds of girls can wear it, do not pick a figure at all!

Identify QR codes and buy now

All-in-one seamless weaving technology

Light nude feeling 0 restraint

The fabric is woven using a 40-needle process

The woven cloth is very

Smooth, skin-friendly and not easy to pill

Very comfortable to wear

The whole body is seamlessly integrated into one

60 fibers woven into one yarn

The upper body fits comfortably into the curves of the body

Comfort is like a second layer of skin

There is hardly a trace of thread in sight

Wear it outside as leggings

At first glance, it is a high-end product that can only be tailored by high-end brands

360° three-dimensional wrapping, integrated shaping

It also stabilizes and supports muscles

No matter how big the movement is, it can be fully supported and move freely

The fabric also has:

The effect of memory preservation

, does not shrink and does not fade

Rub the surface of the pants back and forth 50 times with scissors

There is no pilling phenomenon

Using advanced environmental protection printing and dyeing, water washing does not fade

Wear it for a few years and it’s like new

Stretchy and delicate foot, well wrapped and fitted with a special fit

Sleeve reinforcement technology is adopted

Wear-resistant, wear-resistant and not easy to crack

When exercising, you can avoid running your pants up, which is comfortable and beautiful

3D stereoscopic printing of non-sensory labels

Highlight your quality without itching

Smooth stitching for more comfortable wearing

There is almost no presence

Simple and versatile, wear more than one pant

The same big name, super cost-effective

TA is more than just leggings

More yoga pants, sweatpants, small leg pants, shapewear pants….

Wear it with a variety of coats

It’s a versatile artifact in your wardrobe!

And sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, boots can become their own CP

Easy-going and handsome

It looks a lot lighter, and I walk with the wind~

These leggings

There are four sizes S, M, L, and XL

High elasticity and tightness, which can perfectly define the line

80-150 pounds of little fairies can wear it!

The sisters who wore it all said: The upper body is one with the skin!

Super comfortable, I don’t want to take it off when I put it on

The wrapping is very strong, the elasticity is very large, and the effect is very satisfactory

The Ayaka SAR air layer leggings cost only 79 yuan

Replace the outfit that you can wear for the entire fall!


The most important thing is –

It’s too cheap!!!

The same style of ubras leggings 199 yuan a piece

Buy two and get $20 off