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Technology products are gradually settled in life, for the life of modern people, scientific and technological means have become indispensable. Different from the technology products used by adults, children’s technology products have an obvious childlike style from appearance to function, such as the recent popular early education story machine, and the product value in the industry is getting higher and higher, such as these three.

First, the original way children’s cat F6 early education story machine

The first time I saw this product, I was fanned. Different from the public model products seen before, this early education story machine is obviously a private model design, the shape is very unique, the overall rounded design, no matter which direction is without edges. From top to bottom, the shape of the antennae at the top is made of silicone, soft and cute, and the buttons are also made of silicone, and the six buttons are clear at a glance. On the right side are numerous interfaces, USB interface, charging interface, microphone handle interface, TF card slot are located on this side. Behind it is a spaceship-shaped speaker with a built-in handle. The base is round, built-in LED colored lights, turn on the machine will be bright, and there are six non-slip mats under the base.

Second, Ruchia V6+ children’s early education machine

The image of Totoro is familiar, and Ruchia made this product round and beautiful, which added the cute state of the early education story machine. The two ears of the chinchilla are made of silicone, which are soft and cute and emit colorful lights, and the bottom of the earlamps is painted with the chinchilla’s nose and beard. Totoro hugs the screen, and the buttons are located at the bottom of the screen, with a total of eight small and nine buttons. On the lower right side of the machine, there are settings such as USB, charging port, indicator light, etc., and on the back is a round speaker and an equally round tail. The whole is round, and the non-angular design is the standard for early education story machines.

Third, the fire rabbit I6 early education story machine

Fire Rabbit’s products have a clear brand style, and the rabbit design runs through the front and rear, and this product is no exception. The white rabbit ears are very conspicuous, and again, this is not only the ears, but also the colorful ear lamps. The whole product is shaped like a small rabbit squatting on the ground, and the feet and tail behind the rabbit add to the fun. The most conspicuous design of the Fire Rabbit I6 is the camera under the ear, which is an eye-protection sensor hole that will sound an alarm or even turn off the screen when children use the fruit closer. The fire rabbit has only one button, which also has a rabbit icon, and the interface is consistent with the previous two, both located on the right body.

The three early education story machines have certain commonalities, such as interface design and rounded design, as well as the same LED light design. But from the perspective of appearance, the fire rabbit and Ruchia have certain similarities in structure, and the most unique is the child cat. The three early education machines are all from famous early education brands, and the safety of materials is guaranteed, and parents can buy with peace of mind.