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Maybe you in front of the screen, there will be a “suit” in the closet, only those who wear it will know how practical it is, I personally think,


It is a textbook level commuting outfit, not only elegant and advanced, but also very feminine, can easily cope with multiple occasions, today let me introduce you to some suits suitable for winter wear, fashionable and foreign.

First of all, you are introduced to a brown suit, it is quite retro temperament, because the color matching is classic, the check elements are delicate and exquisite, so it looks very textured, for the suit, although black and white is the most classic, but it will inevitably give people a monotonous feeling, brown is very fashionable, but also very white.

The design of this suit on the blogger is very orthodox, it is neatly cut, loose fit, will modify the figure well, can not only play a thin role, but also for you to create a super powerful aura, is a must for workplace OL, if you are slightly fat, you can try to wear a suit, really fashionable.

After all, this suit is brown, belongs to the category of brown, so you can match a brighter color, which will play a role in lighting up the dull, apricot lace pleated shirt gentle atmosphere, full of femininity, intellectual elegance in the cute and playful temperament, and the suit is naturally a perfect match.

When the blogger wears this suit, he skillfully integrates the open wearing method, so that you can see the inner layer, thereby creating a refreshing and neat temperament, if you are short, then you can use this way of wearing to enhance the waistline, the blogger tucked the hem of the shirt into the waist, and also matched it with a high-waist skirt to show height.

When you wear a skirt in winter, you should try to choose a thicker tweed skirt, so that you can block the wind well, you can choose a slightly longer style, so that the leg line will be covered more, and then with a pair of straight heels can be a good correction of the leg shape, warm and fashionable.

Next to introduce you is a black suit, black suit is an eternal classic, if you feel that pure black is too monotonous, you can try the blessing of metal double-breasted, which will be a good injection of British temperament, black thinning effect is very good, if you are slightly fat, this is your first choice.

If it is a daily trip, I don’t recommend everyone to try the suit matching of All black, because it looks really too serious, if you want to show simple and understated elegance, you can try a white turtleneck sweater and skirt, which can make white and black collide and show visual impact.

The blogger is paired with a white dress that can cover the legs in length, which is very inclusive and will completely cover the leg line, so sisters with thick legs do not have to worry, the A-line version has a cute and playful temperament, and the sense of age reduction is very sufficient.

The next recommendation for you is a dark gray suit suitable for workplace commuting, which incorporates a thick tweed texture and super warmth, it is recommended that slightly fat eyebrows try more dark colors, which will play a good role in hiding meat, and with classic primary color denim shirts will inject casual temperament and play a good harmonizing role.

The shape of this suit is very orthodox, it is a style that can be safely used at important meetings, with a denim shirt has a little more of the temperament of daily commuting, and the standing collar of the shirt will coincide with the standing collar of the suit, which can create a richer layer.

In order to echo the overall style, it is recommended that you match a pair of denim straight pants, which will be combined with denim shirts, play a role in extending the visual effect, straight jeans are very fashionable, will modify the leg shape well, very friendly to small thick legs, if you are afraid of too long length to show drag, you can try the cropped length.

Finally, you will be introduced to a more fashionable camel suit, which can inject a bit of a big woman’s temperament, you know, camel is the most suitable color for autumn and winter, because it belongs to earth colors, will visually play a warm role, especially in line with the needs of mature women.

When matching with a loose suit, you can combine the “wide top and narrow bottom” matching method, try a more slim pants, so that you can create a relaxed and moderate visual effect, if you want to correct the leg shape, wearing a pair of knight boots is also a good choice.

The above is the whole content of this issue of dressing explanation, if there is a style you like, it is okay to try it, after all, fashion is summarized in trial and error experience again and again.

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