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In life, there are still many middle-aged men, who are still relatively conservative about the current society of free dressing. Their idea of “dressing up” is still very “regular”, and they think that “wear clothes of what age you want”, which is actually true for this sentence.

But under the premise, we must understand that the design of each piece of clothing is not as “blunt” as before, or every designer with ideas, their design concept, is not only designed for which age of people, or the designer’s works, has never been based on “age” to limit their works, just people in life, do not understand the designer’s ideas.

So that everyone naturally thinks that only “this type of clothing” is suitable for people of this age, because of these people’s ideas, which slowly affects the ideas of most people.

Every garment is “flexible”, not just one age group.

Maybe once because of the environmental impact, your thinking has “formed an identification with the sense of age”, so for some trendy clothing, you feel that they only belong to “young people” and stay away from them! Then I can only say, it’s a pity.

Nowadays is different from before, and in my opinion, “clothing design” is more free and has a larger audience for the crowd. It means that now a minimalist design “clothing” can be

13 years old

Children can wear it,

28 years old

Boys can wear it,

50 years old

Middle-aged men can also wear it.

It’s just that the temperament and effect presented by this clothing to people of each age are different, but overall, it can bring a good mental state to people at every stage.

For such a “clothing” design, for such an idea, I think it is very good.

Of course, I’m not saying that other designers aren’t good, but I prefer “boundaryless” designs that are inclusive of every audience. Maybe it’s more grounded! Let’s make the atmosphere even more friendly!


My father is in his 50s, he himself is also very “limited” in dressing, and he is also a very “disciplined and honest” person, this is not to say that such a person is not good, but I think the clothes he wears and shows his mental state are not very suitable for me!

On the contrary, I think that using clothes that are more suitable for him to make him look more spirited, and I can’t even tell from his appearance that he is in his 50s.

Another reason is to hope that he can be exposed to new things that he has not been exposed to before, so that he can also be exposed to “new” things, so that he can be calm and even have no waves, and he can also have some fun.

My father’s world is very monotonous and the pattern is not large, but he is very open-minded, and I also see his heart that does not “serve the old”, and I want him to be able to contact the new things now, whether it is dressing or other things in life.

It didn’t matter if it was my father, or anyone else. No matter how many storms your heart has gone through, I also hope that you can see the world from a different “perspective”!

Of course, maybe you just want to be “faithful” to your age limit, and that’s okay, because the current clothing design is very good, and how to wear it is very stylish.

Finally, I want to say that dressing is free, just like “dressing up”, some people like to be exquisite, and some people like to be low-key. Just like it!

Okay, let’s get back to the topic! Today I want to give “middle-aged men”, Amway 6 “regardless of age” can wear their own unique “handsome” down jacket! Because now in winter, we can not wear without a down jacket, and a single “down jacket” is not enough in our winter. Hope it helps!

Before that, I want to say, don’t look at the age of the “model”, focus on the “down jacket” design on the model, and see if he can make you more handsome and ageless! “Model” is just a “tool” to make “down jacket” present, but the “temperament” that everyone can wear is different, because everyone is “unique”!


In life, it doesn’t matter if you are young or old. If you want to choose a winter down jacket “regardless of age” among the “many” clothing, it really helps “men” of any age.

To find a winter down jacket that “does not pick an age”, we can take these into account:

The silhouette leans towards a “minimalist style” design

Incorporates elements that are popular at the moment

The color can be simple black, white and gray

There are not many graphic designs and so on

Such a down jacket is not ostentatious or exaggerated, nor does it pick the age, so that the person wearing it is more stable and handsome! In addition to choosing a winter down jacket that “does not pick an age”, if you want to be more stable and handsome, you also need a good “configuration” to combine and wear!

(1) Navy blue stand-up collar “mid-length” simple down jacket

For example, this “navy blue stand collar simple design down jacket, simple fit design, neat and generous!” The delicate and stylish “small lapels” meet the “elegant temperament” of all men! The length of the mid-length model makes the handsome more nowhere to hide. The low-key and steady navy blue gives people a “wise and fashionable” male charm!

For outfit, opt for a navy blue knitted crewneck sweater with a white lapel shirt underneath. The combination of three pieces is simple and generous, which can make men more fashionable and handsome! Choose a black business trouser for your lower body! This outfit can show the “elite style” of different ages!

(2) Lake green small lapel “short” down jacket

In daily work, the down jacket mentioned above is very suitable. In the daily casual days, a different design of down jackets is also needed to show the “charm” of the other side of men. All this “lake green small lapel short down jacket” is a men’s “casual day” outfit, short + stand collar design, more handsome and casual to wear!

The low-key and high-grade lake green can make men on leisure days show another side of handsomeness! Wear it over a gray turtleneck sweater for a gentle and stylish look! You can choose a brown Western-style trousers for the lower body, and use a dark color pants to make the entire “simple” shape more “bright”!

(3) Black camouflage hooded down jacket

For men, handsome and stylish men’s dressing really can’t stop men’s “temptation” to wear such a outfit, and if you want handsome and stylish men to wear in daily life, then this black camouflage hooded down jacket can give you the handsomeness you want! The black and gray combination of camouflage, rigid and powerful, highlights the “Man” side of men.

With it, you can choose a brownberry red crewneck knitted sweater with a white long-sleeved shirt, a very simple color scheme, and it looks very high-end. You can choose a gray casual trousers for the lower body, which adds a man’s “sense of stability” to the look, which is very masculine!

(4) Gray “workwear” hooded down jacket

If you want to maximize “low-key” and show “quality” just right, this kind of outfit seems to be more suitable for “high-achieve” and attractive men. Then you can choose this “gray workwear design hooded down jacket”. The minimalist hooded design adds a stylish point. The workwear shape design looks handsome and stable! The length of the medium-length model makes the whole cold winter no longer cold!

Wear a dark red turtleneck knit wool, a gray suit trousers, and a pair of black leather shoes, zip up the down jacket, the whole look is simple and stable!

(5) Black mid-length hooded down jacket

Winter is very cold, down jacket is a good “auxiliary tool”, but a “particular” men’s outfit, a single down jacket is not enough, he also needs a variety of colors, styles of design. And for very cold days, such a long down jacket can not be less. If you don’t know what kind of “long down jacket” to choose can bring you a handsome feeling, then refer to this simple black hooded down jacket that does not pick the age!

The design of mid-length + hooded can make the “aura” of the men wearing it more intense, and wear a black turtleneck knitted sweater, which is fashionable and has some casual feeling, which is very good-looking! Because the upper body is “dark”, we can choose a khaki casual trousers to light up the whole look, so that it is more fashionable and handsome!

Therefore, in life, if you want to choose a “versatile and age-free down jacket”, you can really make middle-aged men wear more fashionable and handsome!

Okay, that’s it for outfit sharing. The above text is the original of the fashion consulting little witch, please indicate the source of reprinting, once found, the corresponding responsibility will be investigated! The picture comes from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.

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