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As soon as we finished talking about T-shirts, a friend left a message saying: Although T-shirts are convenient and versatile to wear, they are quite boring to wear every day. Want to change the “taste”,

Short-sleeved shirt

Hurry up and arrange it.

This is

Supermodel Bella

In a street photo of shopping in Brooklyn, she wears a goose yellow

Layered with a small suspender strap, the printed pants at the bottom have a retro taste.

Tied with a double ponytail

Song Qian

Have you seen it? Wearing EVISU seagull embroidered short-sleeved shirt and gold-framed glasses, do you want to get the same beauty as a beautiful girl with literary and quiet art?

Li Qin

How good at taking photos, light mature print short-sleeved shirt with denim short skirt, showing proportions, the overall style is fresh and refreshing ~

As one of the indispensable items in the wardrobe in recent years, short-sleeved shirts can be held from intellectual elegance to cute sweetness. What can I do with such a short-sleeved shirt? In addition to buying or buying!

1. Versatile solid color

For girls who do not wear short-sleeved shirts, it is most appropriate to start with a solid color model, and the white version is not picky, if you don’t want to wear the style of an old cadre, remember to choose


of styles

Tuck the shirt into suit shorts, and the slightly loose fit exudes a languid feel, which is a good fit

Wear it to work

, without looking too restrained and dull.

The hem of the shirt is indeed a bit of a board, it is recommended that you can try the way of not stuffing the front and back, which can outline the waist and not show fat.

Except for the plain shirt neckline, something like this “

Cuban collar

“Highly recommended, a small one on the chest


, very recognizable.

Compared with ordinary shirt collars, it has a more retro sense and French style. It can also show the necklace you are wearing more clearly. Right

Big breasts


Short neck

Very friendly~

Pair it with one

Khaki shorts

, and then tie a black belt, although it is not tall, but the proportion of the body is still very good.

Thick arms


There is worship meat

Girls can also wear short-sleeved shirts Oh, that is, pay attention when choosing sleeves, choose slightly wider sleeves, or visually thin or directly hide, the effect is very good.

Second, eye-catching printing

Prints are one of the most eye-catching elements in summer, and I believe that every girl who yearns for romance will have several printed items. whereas

Printed short-sleeved shirt

But it can bring you a different beauty~

This printed shirt immediately attracted me to its cuteness. Such a cute orange print with a retro romantic V-neck, can you resist?

Wear it with a green skirt, that little fresh sweet ins, make you a fashion blogger in minutes.

Whether the hem is scattered outside or tucked up, I feel that the effect of wearing it is good, and I love the style of “cookie shoes” that I wear so much!

If the orange print is playful and cute, then this leaf print is intellectually elegant.

This style of short-sleeved shirt is suitable for 30+ girls, with suit shorts, there will be an OL feeling.

Carry it in a solid color

Bucket bag

, What’s wrong with wearing it like this at work. If a small girl wants to wear it like this, she must remember to choose a high-waist model for the bottom, just look at the effect below.

3. Sweet puff sleeves

In addition to printing and careful design thought, you can say goodbye to the “daddy shirt” for your short-sleeved shirt, which is sweet

Puff sleeves


It’s not enough to have puff sleeves, and cute

Small V-neck

, exquisite with a sense of retro, wearing the whole person looks exquisite.

Are you impressed by such a skeleton embroidered short-sleeved shirt? But I also want to remind everyone that the little sister with broad shoulders and a thick back is still not recommended to choose this one.

The final puff-sleeved shirt is very unobtrusive, with thick arms, wide shoulders, and a loose fit that covers the flesh on your little tummy.

And you can wear it to work, and wear it on a date after work. Wear it with a pair of A-line shorts that show off the legs with particularly thin legs. It also makes it easy to stretch out a thin waist.

The shirt has a natural curve

Streamer design

, cute and careful. It’s fastened with a pearl at the cuff to create a chic puff sleeve.

If you want something fresh in the few summers you have left, try a short-sleeved shirt for a different personality and style!

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Short-sleeved shirt