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I think

The Chinese people have a plot for the red scarf

Maybe it’s age,

Or because of the socialist education received from childhood,

During that long period of growth,

The information I can receive is really limited.

The red scarf of that time,

It’s not just a winter thing.

More like a yearning for youthful blood,

Expectations for the identity of the big brother and big sister next door.


We have a more and deeper feeling of red,

In addition to the red scarf,

And red head ropes, red dresses, red wedding dresses…

Adolescence, Hong Kong and Taiwan movies are popular,

The music of “On the Beach” sounded,

Xu Wenqiang’s appearance ignited the dream of a teenager of that era.

A trench coat, a scarf, a top hat,

All fantasies about adult quacks,

All reflected one by one.

Especially in winter, when breathing can be cold-shaped,

White always looks colder

The red color is just right, warm and hot-blooded.

After adulthood,

Instead, it deliberately stays away from red.


I don’t think we have a complete and stylish modern clothing culture.

In addition to the gradual return and prevalence of Hanfu,

We don’t find what suits us in the moment.

Just show it at major annual meetings or on specific occasions as a gift of gratitude and as something sheltered by the blessing of the gods.

red scarf,

Always fashionable at a certain point in a certain era,

And now it’s silent again.

If that’s the case,

It’s actually that we don’t have self-confidence.

So how can you tie a red scarf less festive and tacky?

Let’s share some ways others can match it.

Especially suitable for use in a variety of dark tones,

As a finishing touch to the overall collocation,

It’s amazing and just right.

In addition to being an embellishment for dark-toned clothing,

The red scarf is also a contrasting color match

Or ideal for layering.

Especially for our Asians, who are generally warmer,

A red scarf is a great color to complement your skin tone.

People with a bad complexion or a deviation in their overall state,

Use red as embellishments,

It is equivalent to the role of makeup.


There is both enthusiasm and the warmest symbolism.

At the end of the year when it comes to excitement and celebration,

Use red as a decoration.

Well, that’s it for today.

If you like it, remember to pay attention!

red scarf,