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Two-seat sofas are a common type of sofa, and when buying furniture, many friends pay more attention to two-seater sofas, especially about size. Due to the limitations of modern home space, this has also become a problem that people must consider when decorating. So what is the typical size of a two-seat sofa? How should we choose the size of the two-seater sofa? What are the key points of choosing a two-seater sofa? The following is a brief introduction for you.

What is the typical size of a two-seat sofa

The general size and length of the two-seater sofa is 1300mm; depth is 850; The back height is 750mm. This size is also the size that everyone often buys when buying a two-seater sofa, and the size of the two-seat sofa is generally in length: 1260-1500mm; Depth: 800-900mm; The back height is 680-880mm.

The data of the size of the two-seater sofa is not static, according to the style of the sofa, the sofa size is slightly different, the main basis of furniture design is the human scale, such as the human body standing when reaching out large range of motion, sitting posture calf height and thigh length and upper body range of motion, sleeping position of the human body width, length and turning range are closely related to the size of the furniture.

Two-seat sofa size recommendations

(1) Generally, small apartments can choose a double sofa bed or a triple sofa bed. This mainly depends on the size of the room, generally can be set at about 10 square meters of the house is more suitable for three-person sofa or three-person sofa bed. This size is generally 2350*900*1390mm.

(2) If you prefer a sectional sofa, you can also choose a smaller sectional sofa. It is generally a single seat, a double seat and a triple seat. However, this kind of living room requires a little larger. It is generally about 25 square meters. The general size is 1100*1100*1100mm, 1850*1080*830mm, 2360*1080*830mm.

(3) Generally, if the living room is slightly larger, you can choose a corner sofa, and the corner sofa is better placed. Generally, it is best to choose a fabric corner sofa, which is warmer. The size selected is generally 2040*880*780mm (three people), 1800*960*780mm (concubine), 3000*1800*780mm (total length).

How to choose a two-seater sofa

1. Look at comfort

Buy any sofa to try to sit, when sitting, to grasp that it is soft and suitable, too soft must be vigilant. Too soft sofas may not be quality problems, but the “sense of collapse” makes it easy to become “sofa potatoes”.

2. Look at the design performance

Good design is also reflected in whether the design of the sofa structure incorporates considerable technological content, such as the very home sofa uses a spring called blue steel, which is not only elastic but also very strong.

3. Look at the sofa skeleton

The simple way is to lift one end of the sofa, and when the lifting part is 10 cm off the ground, see if the legs at the other end of the sofa are off the ground. If the other side is also off the ground, it means that the sofa skeleton is strong and the quality is passable. Not being off the ground means that the material used in the skeleton is not hard enough or the skeleton is not strong enough.

4. Pay attention to sofa details

The details of the sofa, in addition to what you can see, such as whether there are flaws, whether the stitches are fine, whether the width of the cushion and the proportions of the cushion meet your physical needs, and whether it is harmonious with the sofa as a whole. In addition, there are some details that are easier to overlook, so you must pay attention to them when buying.

5. Look at the filling quality

An important part of the sofa is that the quantity and quality of internal padding can ensure the user’s use experience and the service life of the sofa. Press the armrests and backrest of the sofa with your hands, if you can clearly feel the presence of the wooden frame, it proves that the filling density of this set of sofas is not high, and the elasticity is not good enough.