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There is a pair of pants that combines the elegance of the skirt with the competence of the pants, showing the diverse style charm of women, that is, the trendy and fashionable jumpsuit, which seems simple and low-key, but actually has a rich fit! And Yuan Quan prefers this kind of shirt jumpsuit, and her interpretation of it is even more advanced and atmospheric, to say that she has never lost temperament, and her control of the details of the outfit is worth learning.

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Black shirt jumpsuit unbuttoned + silver accessory

The black shirt jumpsuit is a timeless piece, the classic black feels very high-class, and when it is combined with the real shirt piece, the style will be a little more formal! Therefore, you need to pay attention to dressing, you can properly undo the buttons of the neckline like her to increase the casualness of the whole pants, but avoid excessive nudity, otherwise it will give people a feeling of vulgarity and bad taste, like this can not only reduce the bondage, but also lengthen the shoulder and neck line, showing a lot of thinner!

In fact, like this pure black trousers, the sense of line is not as prominent as other tones, you may wish to add the embellishment of the belt when wearing, to increase the overall layering, while making the body line become a little three-dimensional, and Yuan Quan teacher also on this basis, add silver accessories to decorate, in the pure black background, exude a dazzling texture, whether it is a delicate wristband or a small earring, are perfectly matched with the shirt and black pants, revealing a delicate temperament.

Aqua blue shirt jumpsuit rolled up sleeves + pointed heels

Temperament, she will not only undo the buttons, but also combine the shape of the pants, add some small details on its own, such as this loose jumpsuit, with a strong workwear style, and she conforms to this neutral style, pulling up the long sleeves upwards, revealing the white little arms, the natural wrinkle sense does not make the pants tough and three-dimensional, but has a bit of light femininity, personality highlights and is very feminine.

Overlaying the belt is a very popular and simple technique at present, but it does not represent random and blind use, not only according to the color of the body, but also according to its own body characteristics, Yuan Quan chose the same color of thick belt embellishment, using a slightly thick cut with the upper direction of the waist buckle to protrude the range of the belt, and fix it a little above the crotch, the slender body proportion is perfect and three-dimensional, and the three-dimensional sense has also increased a lot.

I have to say that Yuan Quan has never lost in terms of temperament, even with playful short hair, she can also concave a unique femininity, see her under the lengthy pants, with a pair of pointed heels to match, the loose pant legs almost cover half of the high heels, visually not procrastinating, but tall and dashing, full of capable strong women.

Vacuum wear plain white shirt jumpsuits

Change into a pure white shirt jumpsuit, it is simply gentle out of the water, different from the above two sets of outfits, both use accessories to embellish, this time the matching is much simpler, but more feminine! Since the fabric of this pants is relatively soft, in order not to destroy its sense of line, Mr. Yuan chose not to add an underwear to wear, exuding a unique sense of charm, but not vulgar and ugly!

Fortunately, the cut of the whole pants is relatively loose, and the innate drape makes the body even thinner, and under the ruffled sleeves, showing off the white little arms, which invisibly adds a bit of sultry charm, looking elegant and atmospheric!

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