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On college campuses, single dogs dress in addition to their own comfort

What we wear

To whom to see

no doubt

Senior sister goddess teacher

After all

Straight men are light

So what do girls want boys to wear? The answer is simple:

Simple and generous

What the heck????

In fact, most girls are very kind, although they like long legs and good chest skin (how it seems to be similar to the standard of straight men), but this does not affect that they also like ordinary looks

Clean boys

Simple and generous, this thing is actually simple,

Pleasing to the eye

That’s it.

That’s right

Just look good

It means:


Love to be clean

, Don’t wash an oil bucket for the first three days, so that you can’t wear the same clothes as Takeshi Kaneshiro.


Refuse to be pompous

, girls are still quite traditional, you wear a trendy brand tiger lion peacock flowers green, it is indeed cool, but the average girl will find it a little difficult to accept.


Don’t look social

, on college campuses, girls hate the most is “social people”, you every day big gold chain small watch tight pants Armani, normal girls who dare to step forward?


Have good living habits

, I don’t like otaku dead fat ah! You don’t need eighteen-pack abs, but you can’t get pregnant in three months; You don’t have to have pectorals bigger than your head, but you can’t be like a bamboo pole!


Don’t swear

Well, after understanding the meaning of simple and generous, you can find that the matter of dressing is for most straight men,

As long as no points are deducted.

Now, let’s talk about the must-have items in the wardrobe of college single dogs, and ordinary young people can also do more reference.

When it comes to essentials, it is actually easy to understand, that is, there are no features, suitable for most occasions.

Selection criteria to:

Versatile and easy to take care of

(lazy) as the core, to

No points deducted

is the basic premise.

First, the top


The length is near the middle of the butt

Three shirts.

The importance of shirts as a matching weapon is really self-evident, and the high-voted answers above are also explained,

But here I want to remind you that any clothes, fit is the first fundamental.

Don’t buy at Jack Ma’s dad until you know your size 🙂

So, what is the right shirt?

For straight school men, in general, I believe that very few people will tuck their shirts into their pants.

So promise me, pay attention to the length of the shirt, otherwise it will really look very good


Above is an example of a suitable length, although his sleeves are not very well rolled up…

After understanding the premise, the following three are recommended for everyone:

1) Blue cotton or oxford spun, white is better

The white shirt is indeed the final fantasy of the students, but

The premise is white

Straight men who are not confident in their laundry skills do not have to give priority.

2) Grey Oxford spinning (mainly easy to care for, but also versatile)

3) Tannin denim shirts (seriously, don’t wash them at all?) )


No dew point

The black and white gray cotton crewneck short-sleeved undershirt

If you can only recommend one piece, which is undoubtedly a solid color undershirt, one each in black, white and gray, the texture of pure cotton should have a certain thickness, remember, be thicker, if you don’t want to show points.


Length and waist

The pullover sweatshirt

A suitable pullover sweatshirt is still necessary, which can be worn with shirt undershirts, sweatpants and jeans.

Light gray is recommended and looks relatively clean.


The solid color knitted sweater

The style color is optional, the fit is good, in fact, the wearing effect is similar to the sweatshirt, you can choose other styles of sweaters at will.


Light shirt with dark sweater, dark shirt with light sweater.

5. Other types of T-shirts polo shirts are not in the must-have inner items, these styles and versions are mainly benevolent and wise, you can choose according to your own preferences, consider

A must-have

, I will not go into detail here.

2. Coat

1. The length is in

The belt is off

The dark blue denim jacket

The denim jacket can really be matched with all the clothes, pants and shoes you can think of, and the upper can provoke the elementary school girl, and the lower can charm the female teacher.

The important thing is that there is no need to wash at all, leaving time for roommates

Open black

How nice.

After matching the boots, a strong straight male atmosphere comes to the face, in fact, it is also possible to move bricks.

Sleeve don’t no


, too long to show

~ It’s okay if it’s too long

Roll it up and wear it

2. Baseball jacket

As a campus

Single dog

Without a baseball jacket, I was embarrassed to talk.

But please don’t buy a baseball shirt like this:

Classmate, you are already one



Recommended style: black leather sleeve panels

It is no longer than the knee

The single-breasted tweed coat

The favorite of the senior sister, the heart of the senior sister, can be protected from wind and snow, and can be posed, it is simply a must for straight men!

Considering that each body type is different and the difficulty of matching, double-breasted coats are not recommended here.

The length of the tweed coat is best in

Between the butt and knees

, too short to be classy, too long to see the legs.

Error demonstration:

Distressed for a second…

Insurance colors recommend gray and navy blue.

The correct demonstration is as follows:

N3B coat

Considering the harsh winter cold, an N3B coat is definitely worth the money, provided that the length is still no more than the knee, too long is really difficult to grasp.

The colors are the best

Don’t buy army greens

, after all, the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea is over 🙂

Fuse points blue and black

In fact, most of the clothes in winter are too dark in color, and light-colored coats will be very eye-catching, so you can try them

Champagne color

5. Other coat styles (navy double-breasted coat/trench coat/Blazer/M65/A1A2/storm jacket…) ), you can choose according to your own preferences.

3. Pants

In general, all pants bought back by a certain extent

To adjust to your body type, there is no one-size-fits-all pants.

Dark blue slim fit narrow feet


There are many ways to wear jeans, so I don’t need to talk about the advantages.

Only slim models are recommended, definitely

Don’t buy tight models

, the tight fit only completely exposes your leg shape.

Even if you have good legs, it will look difficult


The slim fit with narrow legs is as follows:

2. Small foot black khaki pants

Black pants are simply a boon for straight men and basically go with every shoe and coat you can think of

Foot retract

Solid color slim fit sports trousers (navy, gray)

You can wear it when you take physical education class with the goddess in the class, you can wear it for fitness running, you can wear it when you open black with your roommate, you can wear it with a denim jacket, you can wear it with a sweatshirt, you can wear it with a shirt, it’s just a universal thing…

It should be noted that:


But in the middle of the knees

The solid color cropped pants

Linen, cloth and other materials, blue, orange, black and other colors are OK, how to be happy, buy more.

Pay attention to certainly

Don’t choose denim shorts

, the average person can’t wear the effect, if you have that skill, you won’t come to see this answer, right?

If you don’t play basketball, don’t wear basketball shorts.

Remember not to choose shorts

Too tight

, lest it be too hot and uncomfortable to wear, and the goddess is uncomfortable to watch.

4. Shoes

Cortical white

Board shoes

That is, the legendary little white shoes, and there are many pictures in the recommendations above

Be sure to choose cortex

(PU is also OK), there is no other reason, easy to take care of.


Be sure to brush long

, otherwise how to pounce on the goddess?

2、NB/NIKE/AD/…… sneaker

Pick a pair of sneakers you like and use it for gym classes, gyms, mountain climbing… Remember, it’s not running shoes, it’s not basketball shoes, it’s normal sneakers, 🙂

3. Brown boots

It can be desert boots, mid-top bullocks, or cargo boots, pick a price you can afford, then pair it with your black cloth pants dark blue jeans sweatpants and tone it hard…


Ease of buying and picking

, rhubarb boots are recommended here.

Students with small feet can choose

Big kids

, don’t ask me how I know TnT

4. Classic

Black and white with high top

Canvas shoes

Same as above, wear it arbitrarily, wear it until it is broken, wear it and buy a new one.

Any brand will do,

Domestic production is recommended

, good quality, cheap and resistant to worry without distress. The most important ones are:

Junior sister likes it

5. Slippers

Buy a pair you like, cope with the requirements of going to the shower, getting up early to go to class, in the dormitory, etc.

It is recommended to buy a double with good quality, after all, yes

No sex

This is the most worn pair of shoes for you 🙂

5. Underwear and others (the picture is embarrassing to put on, so there is no picture)


Four-corner panties

Be sure to buy a few more, change them diligently, don’t forget good living habits, promise me not to wear until it emits a mysterious smell, okay, recommend Uniqlo.

2. Autumn pants/cotton pants

There is a cold called mom/grandma/roommate/teacher… If you think you’re cold, it’s better not to let them down.


Warm a little thinner

3. Solid color

Invisible ship socks


High socks

There is nothing to say about this, buy more pairs to replace and discard frequently,

It is not recommended to buy white

, the reason is understood by everyone,

Not good to wash

Medium socks are not recommended, it is not easy to get it

Autumn pants are exposed

Socks are also not recommended, because

Can’t show your ankles

Weather hot invisible ship socks

Cold weather high socks:

4. A solid color scarf

Suggested gray without picking color

The scarf is too long and very dense, and the standard of length is

After tying the scarf, the length is near the belly button

After the fence, it is probably the following length effect:


Neutral color

One suit and one pair



The great god has already written in detail, just follow the choice.

A suitable suit is still necessary, in addition to the black sister in college, you have to go to the interview, right?

Both hands must be grasped, both hands must be hard

6. A piece of you


The best watches (here)

I have no experience with this and can choose a quartz watch.

After all, mechanical watches

Cheap ones don’t look good, expensive ones can’t afford them


Personally recommended color styles

Jump some

After all, the dress of straight men has already made the goddess feel very much



Baseball cap

Classes in the morning

No time to wash your hair

, pretend

Sport boy


Baseball caps are all available.

8. One black and one brown belt

Just pick the most basic

Well, you’re done, all you can see is true love. (Reprinted)

Pleasing to the eye







Length and waist





It is no longer than the knee

It should be noted that: