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I went out shopping some time ago and found that although the thin jacket was removed and replaced with a cotton coat and down jacket in the mall, the skirt always stood firm at the post, after all, no matter how convenient and warm the pants are, the temptation of the skirt is also difficult to resist.

But one thing is to say, autumn and winter skirts are actually quite difficult to choose,

Thin does not keep warm

Thick and easy to show strong

, especially the knitted skirt that has become popular with pure lust this year

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It’s picky about the figure, so to speak

People wear clothes instead of clothes wear people

。 Fairies with a good figure can wear it boldly with confidence, and the ceiling of pure desire is you.

And fairies with short bodies still need to be carefully considered, thin knitted skirts are soft and close, showing curves is right, but

You need a good figure as a foundation

, otherwise expose the shortcomings in minutes.

A thicker knitted skirt does not fit closely, and it is very inclusive to the figure, but

No line is a hard wound

, Ten pounds is not a problem.

And the knitted fabric is soft and not structured, and it is easy to be too long

It seems procrastinating


Easy to deform

, It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a throw.

But knitted skirts are not the only choice for autumn and winter, warm and thin skirts are also a big grab, such as this corduroy skirt,

Soft, thick and warm

, not arranging one simply lives up to the season.

It will be harder than knitted fabrics, so the drape is not strong, it will not be too close, and it is easy to hold up to modify the figure.

And also

Not easy to deform, with folds

, Convenient to take care of this is also a lazy gospel.

After that, the problem of version is to be considered, Liya gives you 3 demining formulas, according to the choice can step on a lot of pits:


Long skirts > short skirts


Tighten the waist> do not tighten the waist


Type A > other


Autumn and winter warmth

The first point is mainly considered the issue of warmth, regardless of other factors, long skirts must be warmer than short skirts.

Before, when I was sharing autumn outfits, there was always an image in the comment area

“It’s too cold, can you come up with some legless outfits”

and other sounds.

But autumn and winter don’t mean you can’t wear skirts, use them

Long skirt + leggings + boots

This warm three-piece, the grace and temperature are all yours.


The waist line must not be forgotten*3

The second point to pay attention to is the waist line of the dress,

Not tightening the waist or not tightening the waist is a taboo

Autumn and winter clothes are already thick, and it is difficult to show thinness by showing skin from head to toe, and it is even more a disaster scene if you do not tighten your waist.

So choose dresses as much as possible

X-shaped and has a high waistline

of, or

There is a tie at the waist

Yes, the adjustment ratio is tall and thin, and the bloated rustic has nothing to do with you.


The old difficulty of the pear-shaped body

The third point is the style,

Skirts that wrap around the hips or straight-legged skirts

The hips will be more close-fitting and not friendly to pear-shaped figures.

Wide crotch and thick legs are the big problems to be solved for this type of figure, and Liya often says that the A-line skirt is the gospel of the crotch wide star.

The more frequent appearance in autumn and winter must be a skirt, but there is no need to consider the problem of whether to shrink the waist, and the choice of fit is particularly important.

Not all A-line skirts are suitable for pear-shaped figures

, such as an umbrella skirt that is too large, it will start from the crotch, but it will be fat for fairies with relatively large PP, and the side lines are not beautiful.



is the right solution, under the waist, the fluff will not be very heavy, and it will not be too close.


How to wear warm without looking fat?

As long as the dress is selected, there is no need to bother too much with it, so Liya directly arranges the matching idea of the skirt, of course, it also applies to the dress.

In fact, the summary is simple: it is

“One loose and one tight, one wide and one narrow”

Eight words.

If the skirt is heavier, the other parts must be narrowed, otherwise the overall silhouette will be wide, not to mention fat, it will give people a feeling of dragging.

So the lower body is wide, the upper body must be narrow, and a slim knit or short jacket can be,

Proportional coordination

is the right solution.

In the same way, if the skirt is straight, the upper body can be properly unkempt, especially when the upper and lower are generally thick,

The absence of curves will give a dull feeling

The same straight skirt, the upper body changed to a looser sweatshirt does not feel more coordinated?

Fairies with pear-shaped bodies can also be used


The top covers the crotch width, and wearing a sweatshirt alone or a T-shirt shirt is also suitable for the temperature of about 20 degrees in the last twenty degrees.

In addition to the basic skirt suitable for autumn and winter, you can also try some elements with a personal style, even if it is a simple combination, it will not look monotonous.

Such as this one

Suit checked skirt

, camel color and autumn atmosphere are very compatible, and it also has a careful machine for the back fork, which reduces some of the sense of restraint and can invisibly add a femininity.

Houndstooth elements

It is also a fashion classic and belongs to the model that is not easy to go out of style. In addition, the pattern is also regular and neat, and the visual stability is very strong, which makes people look very comfortable.

Match on the follow

“One complex, one simple”

Principle, the rest of the pieces are simple in design, the colors and patterns are not complicated, let the center of gravity stabilize on one element, it will not look cluttered.

Thick skirts for autumn and winter are arranged here, whether they are dresses or skirts,

Fabric, fit, and matching are indispensable

, Who doesn’t love this kind of fashion that can be obtained without showing your legs?

Do you remember what points to look at when choosing a dress?

Long skirts are preferred in autumn and winter

The fabric is structured and slim

The waist is cinched to emphasize the waistline

A+H=Pear-shaped celestial dish

Presumably, everyone has received a hand numb recently received the courier, right? Did you buy anything of great value?