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“If you are a girl who buys a bag a year to reward herself, then in addition to the fashionable appearance, “attractive” is definitely the second condition.

In the color scheme of many bags, black fabric is the most timeless, and if you want to add a sense of luxury in details, many designers will wear gold metal vanadium parts to add the overall fashion!

Marvel Fashion has put together 15 bags here, all of which are in the “black and gold” color scheme to make you look out of style all year round.


In this spring/summer collection, Chanel has launched a stylish diagonal bag with diamond checks, leather wear and double C logos, and the brand’s use of wide metal chain straps in details, combined with crystal settings with the brand’s lettering, makes this black bag not only elegant, but also a little more handsome!

Louis Vuitton

This year, various brands have become puffy and moist in the appearance of their bags, giving the whole a sense of weight.

Louis Vuitton As a women’s dream bag brand, the “Coussin PM” first launched in mid-spring this year is presented with a pillow-like shape, combined with the classic Monogram reading embossing, making this bag more eye-catching!

In the spring and summer, the brand added silk scarf elements to the chain strap to make the bag more flavorful overall.


Balenciaga has conquered Gen Z with cool designs in recent years!

In the spring and summer of this year, the brand continued to be strong in the design of the bag, Balenciaga used a special stitching shape with crocodile embossing to create this shoulder bag, and embellished with a distressed logo, making the whole bag not only cool enough, but also very temperamental.


Dior’s half-moon bag has been a hit since it came out in early spring 2022!

As summer begins, the designer added a gold chain strap to the strap, which not only makes the overall bag more convenient on the shoulder, but also balances the casual feel of the bag, plus the signature rattan check seam, even if the logo is hidden at the bottom of the bag, it can still be recognized at a glance as Dior.


Celine’s “Triomphe” series of bags, with its versatile appearance and celebrity blessing, has become the brand’s most iconic item.

This spring/summer brand uses the “East West” bag interpretation to add an overall modern and fashionable atmosphere.

Saint Laurent

Sharp, sexy design has become the most iconic element of the Saint Laurent show, and the brand also adheres to the same atmosphere in the design of bags.

This season, Saint Laurent launched a bag called “Le Fermoir”, even if the classic YSL logo is removed, it can still be seen through the clean lines and retro gold buckles, making the whole very personal.


Fendi’s “Fendigraphy” half-moon bag, cleverly hiding the brand logo under the bag, so that the whole body is presented with a more simple appearance, when the bag is on the shoulder, it can also show the brass lettering, the unique design method, so that the bag debuts on the show and causes a topic.


Loewe is undoubtedly the topic of today’s bag making machine, and recently the brand launched a new bag “Luna” with a line similar to the previous quarter of the moon.

The streamlined silhouette is complemented by a wide strap design, and the details are embellished with gold lettering and fasteners, so that the entire bag retains an eye-catching and detailed shape even if it is not extravagantly embellished.


The versatile and practical characteristics of square bags have become the first choice for many women to pick bags!

This embossed bag from MiuMiu has a simple shape and a detailed gold chain design, which simply allows the elegant and cute style to be displayed on the bag.


The crisscrossing check is one of Burberry’s most iconic elements, and in recent times, the brand has used the display of leather techniques to present the check in a three-dimensional form on the bag!

Paired with the “TB” abbreviation logo, the overall bag becomes more street-like.


Continuing the trend of puffed bags, Valentino launched this year’s “One Stud” bag, using the brand’s most topical gold studs in the past as the overall highlight of the body.

The design method of enlarging its elements and matching it with a rounded body makes the whole personality and cute!


It’s not just jewelry that sells skyrockets!

Every bag of Bvlgari in recent years is so beautiful that it makes a woman’s heart burst!

This half-moon bag launched in spring and summer is not only super cute in size, but also contrasts with the personalized snake head bag, giving this small bag a contrasting and cute appearance.

Alexander McQueen

The rebellious Alexander McQueen also has his own ideas in the design of the bag!

The brand uses finger tigers as embellishments, so that a simple black square bag can also have the brand’s uninhibited character.


This Prada black square bag gives a clean look to its clean form!

The triangular iron logo, bag buckles and zippers are all colored in gold, and the extremely detailed design makes this bag not only suitable for work, but also good temperament when taken on a date.


Versace, which has the word domineering in the brand’s genes, uses patent leather with a Medusa gold vanadium design, making this small bag full of personality, plus a unique chain handle, adding to the powerful aura of this bag!

Marvel said:

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