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Hello everyone, I’m Kuraichiwei.

Today I recommend a suspense novel to everyone.

“Unlimited Postman”, through the water to see Jiao, level 5 author.

Category: Suspense – mysterious suspense.


A package from an unknown place, a weird stamp, congratulations on becoming a new postman, please sign for the package, come and experience the journey of death

The postman dies, and only the stamp endures.

【Brief Comment】

He used to have a number, called Zhen Cross Water to See the Bridge, and he was blocked.

If you write a suspense novel, once you use too much force, it is normal to be sealed and sealed.

Therefore, the authors of this category have always been difficult to survive, and their lives are not nourished by urban fantasy classification.

After using this number, he changed his style and did not continue the path of “Horror Stamp”, but converged a lot.

This book is an infinite stream, a bit like “Reincarnation Paradise”.

The protagonist Chen Ke, in reality, is a chef with quite superb cooking skills, and accidentally receives a package at the end of work one night, opens it and enters the horror space.

This is the postman selection space, and if you complete the task, you can become a postman who controls the way of yin and yang, which is actually similar to the ghost errand.

The companions have their own thoughts, the protagonist kills decisively, the teammates who should be abandoned will not be soft, pit the murderous teammates, trap the vicious black bear monster, and successfully escape with the help of traps.

Beautiful female teammates in front of him, just like ordinary chess pieces, should be abandoned.

After completing the task, he did not return to reality at the first time, but continued to explore in space, excavated new side quests, and obtained magical bear transformation and item transfer ability, surrounded by a group of demons and monsters, cleverly took life and maximized benefits.

The protagonist of this book has a dark physique, decisive killing, calm and calm, and never drags his feet in his work. The story is smooth, the rhythm is tight, the characters are relatively full, and the suspense is still authentic after being cut.

If this 3.64 million word finished novel, you can not watch it too enjoyable, you can also go to read another “I Have a Room in Huangquan”, which is an award-winning work, a little more relaxed, and the excitement is quite good.

In addition, the suspense category can also look at the list works such as “Devil’s Landing” and “I Have an Adventure House”, which are also excellent suspense novels, needless to say, the results are brilliant, the stories are colorful and diverse, and they will surely make you feast your eyes.


Writing is not easy, and it is good and cherished.

I am Kura Yiwei, and I bring salt for “Kurashi Whisper”.

Welcome to Book Review Paradise.