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Always think that “the foreign moon is rounder than China, and the foreign down jacket is warmer than China”, stop blindly following the trend, and abandon your idea of admiring foreign countries, rational consumption do not treat yourself as leeks.

In fact, foreign moons are not rounder, and foreign down jackets are not necessarily warmer.

Canada Goose, known as the “Hermès of down jackets”, has recently overturned frequently.

First the down jacket appeared

Shedding, running fleece

situation, also

Refusal to repair

; And again

The trademark logo is embroidered incorrectly, the workmanship is rough, and it will not be returned

, Hell’s “double standard” behavior has provoked the anger of netizens, and the former “net red down jacket” must be cool.

Canada Goose 9512M coat bought for 11400 yuan, the trademark logo is different from the original icon, and there are long and short threads, the workmanship is very rough. Even accompanied by a pungent smell, it doesn’t look like an expensive down jacket for tens of thousands of yuan, but it is no different from the stall.

Tips: How to distinguish the authenticity of the logo?

Canada Goose genuine logo exquisite workmanship, uniform color and no obvious color difference;

Maple leaf embroidery is very realistic, the stems and leaves are clear and shapely, and the leaves are not thick and invisible;

The genuine logo has delicate stitches on the edges and no extra threads.

With problems with workmanship and quality, the quality of the Canada Goose Down jacket has also been questioned.

In fact, most of the down jackets of Canada Goose are used

Duck down filling

, and the fluffiness remains around 650,

Down jackets that are thousands of dollars large have such an ordinary configuration

, warmth can also be seen.

When it comes to down jackets in Canada, it’s not just Canada goose that is “expensive and average-fied.” Like well-known Canadian down jacket brands:


, are the price of selling duck down down jackets for tens of thousands of yuan, proper IQ tax!

It can be seen that foreign down jackets may not be warmer, and Chinese down jackets may be more fragrant! Next, I will recommend a few cost-effective and warm domestic down jackets, which must be collected this winter~


Back in

Bosideng X Gaultier


“A new generation of down jackets”

After the series, it changed the impression of Bosideng’s previous “earthy and cheap”. Stylish appearance design and excellent configuration, taking into account the warmth of the user, wearing it does not look bloated.

Especially the one launched this year

The first Bosideng “trench coat and down jacket”

, but also directly kill foreign big names.

The combination of Chinese and Western fit design, taking into account the gentlemanly style of the trench coat and the warmth of the down jacket, seems light but has “

100g filling, 90% goose down, 800 fluffiness

“Excellent configuration, the price is only more than 3,000, can be described as a real conscience of domestic products.

black ice

The black ice down jacket delayed by “publicity”, although not as popular as Bosideng, but in terms of configuration and fashion, the two are also indistinguishable.

The black ice down jacket is made of high-quality goose down filling, 90% down content, 800+ fluffiness, and a practical style common to both north and south

。 The price is also very close to the people, ordinary 4, 500 yuan, more expensive styles are only a thousand yuan, beautiful and material domestic black ice down jacket, not more fragrant than foreign big brands such as Canada Goose?


Tianshi down jacket is definitely the best replacement for Canada goose.

In addition to the fashionable basics, Tianshi’s signature is

“Parker Down Jacket”

The simple and versatile color scheme combined with the handsome and stylish pie overcomes the fit, and is filled with high-quality gray duck down to meet the needs of warmth and fashion.

When you are still queuing to buy tens of thousands of yuan of “inferior” Canada Goose, you may wish to pay more attention to the more than 2,000 Tianshi down jackets, the absolute king of cost performance.


After the “Canada Goose Incident”, I hope that when you buy a down jacket, you will polish your eyes and follow the trend. Foreign down jackets may not be warmer, but there are many fashionable and warm down jackets to choose from in China!

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