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Summer is both love and hate for most people, and the love is that you can wear light and simple models in the hot summer, stretch the beauty of your body, and feel the cool breeze of summer. And the hate is that going out is exposure to the sun, sweating, so although they are pursuing simple and cool styles in summer, it is indeed not easy to wear comfort, fashion sense. There are many cool styles of wearing in summer, including shorts, skirts, and jeans, but these combinations are not as direct and cool as the “bottoms disappear” style.

Some people say that “bottoms disappear” this matching style belongs to the old set, but this does not affect the daily wear of young people, to know that the biggest advantage of this style is to highlight the slender legs, if the leg shape is not very good, it is not suitable for this matching style, you can choose skirts or jeans to cover the lack of legs. Therefore, this matching is still more picky figure, the leg shape is not good, the figure is not tall and not good, the seemingly simple and generous outfit still belongs to the niche category, but it can wear the beauty that the public likes.

“Bottoms disappear” as the name suggests is to cover the bottoms through the top, so as to achieve the invisible purpose, so as to highlight the slender legs, and at the same time in the selection of large-sized short-sleeved shirts, shirts, mid-length capes and other styles with shorts or hot pants to achieve the beauty of this outfit. It can be seen that this style is very popular with popular girls, you can choose different tops to wear different beauty, this style is very suitable for spring, autumn, especially summer wear, cool and thin and tall figure.

Know that the summer heat is seared type. Therefore, summer wear, for young girls, appropriate skin, wearing a small waist and slender legs can better feel the coolness of summer, and at the same time can fully show the advantages of their figure, so that the outfit becomes fresh and youthful vitality, as long as you dare to wear, then the beauty effect will be felt for the first time, and constantly try to have your own style. To understand that the same matching style, different people have different effects, simple and generous and fresh beauty is more attractive, but also flattering.

Just like this long-haired girl, her skin tone is fair and elegant, and she wears another large-sized white short-sleeved shirt with black denim shorts, wearing the beauty of “bottoms disappearing”, boldly showing slender legs, fresh and beautiful showing the beauty of youth. This large-sized white short-sleeved shirt, loose fit, comfortable and thin to wear, without too many colors to embellish, pure white brightens the skin tone and enhances the temperament, full of sweet breath, clean beauty.

The bottom wears a pair of shorts, because the loose hem of the plus-size short-sleeved shirt hides the shorts, thus directly highlighting the beauty of long legs. This simple and crisp style of dressing is very long legs, and for girls with tall bodies and slender legs, this matching style is very worth trying. Make the overall collocation simple, fresh, and highlight the highlights.

In the matching of shoes, this young lady is very confident, her body proportion is very high, so she chose a pair of white sneakers, and the white short-sleeved shirt echoed the effect of the color selection, and also highlighted the advantages of the legs. Sneakers are the best match for girls who love shopping and traveling, wearing light and relieving fatigue, with a casual atmosphere, free and beautiful. (The picture is from the source network, and the invasion is deleted.) )