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The deep blue that highlights the aristocratic style is a deep and noble color, but also highlights the magnificence and nobility. Let this touch of blue enter the dress, become a luxurious embellishment, and compose the craze of aristocratic blue.

Liu Tao’s temperament has always had the feeling of being a lady,

She is dignified and has some elegant charm,

After wearing the aristocratic blue dress, it looks more flexible and graceful, showing a romantic beauty.

The court-style cuffs have a magnificent effect, and the three-dimensional cut puff sleeves exude a classicist beauty, like two blue roses gradually blooming. Although this cuff design can cover the flesh, it will also appear wide shoulders, and it still requires certain conditions to choose a slightly exaggerated cuff cut like Liu Tao.

The most ingenious thing about this aristocratic blue dress is the beading process, and the fine beads at the cuffs and skirts shimmer brightly. Against a reflective background, the retro and avant-garde feel blend together,

The concave and excellent shape, adding a little heaviness to the beads are gorgeous, and the exaggerated beads are a little more fashionable.

The high-waisted three-dimensional cut skirt not only highlights the waist line, but also enhances the overall proportions, visually making the legs more slender. Modern and high-profile vintage blue dress,

Paired with a pair of lace-up silver heels, it shows the beauty of elegance and fashion,

This blue also makes Liu Tao’s complexion fairer, with silver fringed earrings, shining and moving.

The shiny skirt Liu Tao can always wear his own style, an irregular skirt with a sense of design, paired with a floral black blazer, elegant with some intellectuality. Sometimes the fine flash can bring unexpected surprises, break the dullness of black, and bring the best visual effect.

The irregular skirt makes Liu Tao’s slender legs appear more slender,

The flowing and light of the pleated skirt is more shiny between walking,

Let the night of the same color become beautiful. Fashionable workplace style dress, with silver sandals with a line, Liu Tao, who smeared red lips, is full of aura, and the royal sister style is too strong.

I love to see Liu Tao’s dress shape, no matter how gorgeous and shiny the outfit, she can always wear a gentle sense of elegance, the black gradient dress with an off-the-shoulder design, let the flame-like lines extend, collide with the warm charm, with black long gloves is really beautiful.

This cutout cut with irregular neckline, showing off the slender collarbone and shoulder curve, just the right skin-revealing design, combined with her gentle long hair, the whole person under the dim glow, showing a romantic charm, with a pair of dark green fringed earrings, swaying exquisite beauty.

Liu Tao is very elegant in an aristocratic blue dress, and the shiny nail beads are noble and gorgeous! The court-style cuffs are very retro, do you think Liu Tao’s blue dress looks good? Isn’t that elegant?

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