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For girls who are troubled by myopia, contact lenses are a magic weapon to get rid of traditional glasses. But did you know that glasses are a secret weapon to save their appearance for some sisters, especially those who are troubled by their faces!

Do you know how important glasses are for girls? Let’s take a look at how glasses make you more beautiful~

>>Are you suitable for glasses?

For some people, glasses are used to seal their appearance, and for some girls, especially girls with big faces, glasses are a magic weapon to enhance their appearance and temperament!

The following types of girls wear glasses more beautiful, come to Kangkang are not among them~

01. The proportion of eyes in the overall facial features is small,

That is, sisters with small eye volume, such as small eyes, light pupils, etc.

02. Sisters with unbalanced eye distance, eye distance is too wide or eye distance is too close.

03. The facial features are relatively flat and lack of three-dimensionality.

04. There is a convex mouth, a collapsed nose, and the face line is not smooth

Girls who have these three types of problems.

If you also have one of the above four situations, then it means that you will be more attractive when you wear glasses than if you take off your glasses~

But everything has a premise, not just a random pair of glasses can make you reach the peak of your appearance, according to the following standards to choose glasses, in order to make ordinary glasses become a “secret weapon” to achieve the counterattack of appearance!

Eyes & appearance at a glance

* Choose frames

* Choose the color of the glasses

* Wear glasses comfortably

* Beautiful eyewear shape

Next, let’s start the magical eyewear styling journey together!

>> choose the frame according to the shape of the face

Just as different clothes worn on different people will produce different effects, so will glasses. The glasses with a narrow eye distance and a small frame on the left are not suitable for Di Lireba’s large facial features.

We ordinary people want to choose a suitable pair of glasses, first of all, we must choose the most suitable frame according to our face shape.

(1) Square face

This face shape has wide cheeks and a particularly straight cheekbone, which is more suitable for frames with rounded and curved designs, such as

Inverted trapezoidal frame, half-rimmed glasses, oval frame

, but never choose round frames and square frames.

(2) Diamond-shaped face

The diamond-shaped face is also called the diamond face, and it is more suitable for choosing a frame with a sense of extension at the corner of the eye.

Inverted trapezoidal frames, half-frames, square frames are more suitable than round and oval frames.

(3) Heart-shaped face

This type of face shape has smooth facial lines without excessive defects,

The frame should be fitted with a width comparable to the face.

Like what

Round boxes, elliptical boxes, and square boxes

Never try inverted trapezoidal and half-rimmed glasses.

(4) Round face

Although the round face looks cute, the overall face line is too rounded, therefore,

Stay away from frames that are too rounded. Choose from half-rim glasses, oval frames and square frames,

Not suitable for inverted trapezoidal frames as well as round frame glasses.

>> choose the color of your glasses based on your skin color

Choose the frame that suits you, don’t worry, our journey to choose glasses is not over yet~

The next thing to do is to choose the frame color that best suits you according to your skin tone. Quietly tell the sisters that if we choose the right frame color, we can still be whiter!

(1) Yellow bark

Most of us Asians are yellow-skinned.

More suitable for light gold or rose gold frames,

Bright silver and golden yellow will make the skin look dirty and rustic.

(2) Black skin

What you don’t know is that the Black Skins Sisters try some there

Design black frame, black gold panels or caped glasses,

It’s simply beautiful!

But don’t try colorful frames and transparent frames~

(3) White skin

If you’re the best white skin, congratulations: you fit frames of almost all colors! But in all frames,

Choosing light-colored frames will give you more temperament.

>> how to wear glasses to be beautiful and comfortable

A beautiful and uncomfortable pair of glasses is naturally imperfect, but we can make your glasses beautiful and comfortable to wear through some small tricks~

(1) Anti-fogging

In the cold winter, fogging glasses is simply not too annoying! But don’t worry, we have our own set of tips to deal with fogged glasses.

First of all

Lather with dish soap, then gently wipe the spectacle lenses, then let the lenses dry for 15 to 20 minutes, and finally take out the glasses cleaner and wipe the lenses clean,

This way it won’t fog up!

(2) Anti-slip

For some collapsed nose bridges, meat nose heads For sisters, some overweight glasses are very easy to slip off, and daily travel is not convenient.

We can prevent the glasses from slipping by increasing the friction of the frame.

Non-slip material can be selected in the nose pad position. Spectacle frames can be purchased with some erasers or non-slip ear supports, these props have a very obvious effect on preventing the glasses from slipping.

(3) Anti-rubbing makeup

If the glasses are worn for too long, the nose pad position will be very easy to rub the makeup, making the whole makeup very dirty all of a sudden.

To deal with this situation, before applying makeup, we can reduce the use of foundation in the nose pad position and spread an extra layer of loose powder, so that it is not easy to rub the makeup flowers!

>> recommend a few looks that are suitable for wearing glasses

Having solved the problem of choosing glasses and wearing glasses, let’s take a look at how glasses combine with the overall shape to make us look better!

The following sets of super suitable for wearing glasses, ordinary people can easily counterattack the big beauties who have attracted the attention of thousands of people~

(1) Wet hair styling with gold wire glasses

Xu Jiaqi’s outfit is simply beautiful! The abstinent wet hair style captures a bit of messiness, with gorgeous gold wire glasses, a silhouette suit, and a slightly open neckline, which brings the sense of seduction and abstinence to the extreme.

Under the expensive gold wire glasses are cold and dark eyes, with a few strands of wet hair bangs scattered sporadically, which is also too sultry, and the sisters hurry up to arrange it!

(2) Black-framed glasses with light brown hair color

Don’t be deceived by the TV series, the black-framed glasses are not ugly, as long as they are matched with the right shape, the whole person will become very young, pure and cute like a little white flower.

Black-framed glasses try to choose a large frame, the thickness of the glasses frame should not be too large, do not exceed the pupil width. If you can’t control the pure black frame, you can choose a tortoiseshell and amber frame.

Another thing to note is that if your skin is not white enough, or your lips are not rosy enough, then

Try not to choose a pure black hair color, especially black long straight with large black-framed glasses, it is easy to produce a rustic feeling.

To be like this little lady above,

Try to choose a light brown hair color and wear black-framed glasses.

Soft light brown with pure black-framed glasses, isn’t this the feeling of first love?

(3) Glasses with a strong sense of presence with accessories

If you choose a glasses with a strong sense of presence, or an overall feeling of coolness,

Then be sure to combine it with other accessories.

Like the above two big glasses that give people a cool and handsome feeling, with the same cool metal necklace or earrings, does the sense of atmosphere come up at once?

>> epilogue

After reading the above dry goods that use glasses to enhance their appearance, it seems that we have always had a misunderstanding of glasses. Glasses are not a seal of appearance, but a weapon to enhance appearance!

Choose a frame according to the face shape, choose the color according to the skin color, and then match the appropriate shape, you may wish to be a “glasses beauty” this year~