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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The weather is getting colder day by day, there is no heating in the winter in the south, wearing a thick coat with bulging sacs, the whole person has become bloated, and the thick sleeves are not conducive to work. Take it off and it will be cold for a while, wear it, it’s too unfavorable. At this time, you need a thin and warm small vest to save the scene.

The shape of the vest is the key, not too close, otherwise the autumn fat attached will be exposed; You can’t let go too much, or it’s a bit unfavorable to look at it. The choice of material is also the key, to keep warm, to warm glutinous.

Cashmere, known as soft gold since ancient times. Gentleness, comfort and warmth are its characteristics. Premium cashmere is priced by grams.

This 100% cashmere base vest is from the foundry of Mrs. Obama’s royal cashmere brand, Jcrew.

The clothes are marked with the factory’s own export to Europe.

Needless to say, the mold is a factory that has been OEM for international brands for many years, and the fit and process have long been perfect. There are no customers who come to the physical store who do not take away, and they are often bought in multiple colors.

The position of the small V-neck is just right, and it is very slim. Small square-faced, round-faced girls must enter. The fit belongs to the slim body slightly loose, will not show the tummy, the upper body is warm and comfortable.

Imported yarn, 100% pure cashmere texture. 12 needles of moderate thickness and good warmth.

The 5 colors are well matched, and the low saturation color is pleasing to the eye. There are often guests who pack 5 pieces in one go.

Wear it alone or with a shirt, blazer or cardigan. A versatile piece that can be worn all year round.


Size S – bust 84-86, clothes length 56 52kg or less girls into size M – chest circumference 87-89, clothes length 57 57kg or less girls in

Size L – bust 90-93, girls under 58 65kg in length into size XL – bust 94-96, girls under 59 73kg in length

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