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I don’t know how many moms are like tree mothers, in the early years, they paid more attention to style when choosing clothes, but now they pay more and more attention to comfort and texture.

Take underwear as an example, all underwear has been more carefully selected in recent years, and I feel that the more intimate things are, the more worth paying attention to. Occasionally, some international big brands such as CK and Wacoal will indeed be healthier and more fit.

However, now they basically rarely buy these brands, but find domestic brands of the same factory and the same quality as these big brands to replace them at a fair price. The price-performance ratio has suddenly improved a lot. Today I will also make a special sharing for friends.

This brand is called Lepando underwear. Its manufacturers also do OEM for international brands such as CK, Wacoal, and Italian LA PERLA.

This brand’s underwear and these internationally renowned brands are from the same assembly line, the process, and the fabric are the same, so the quality is also particularly guaranteed.

But in terms of price, Le Pando underwear is particularly dominant, basically a fraction of these international brands, this cost performance needless to say.

I have bought several underwired styles and have worn them for a long time, and I feel that the cup design, comfort and gathering effect are very satisfactory.

Breathable, not tight, good fit,

No matter what action or what to do, underwear will not be strung position, which can effectively avoid embarrassment.

It is also recommended to several friends around me, whether it is a plump mother or a petite and thin mother, there is good feedback, skin-friendly, comfortable, good chest shape, is more recognized.

This time, Shu Ma specially contacted the brand to open the group, and also picked out several of their best-selling and most acclaimed underwear. There are 7 models in total:

Among them, there are

4 models are gathered and shaped, 3 are comfortable and traceless,

The clothes are very good experience, and it is also suitable for large and small breasts, and it is not wrong for the mother to close her eyes, let’s take a general look first, and then talk about it one by one.

Gather and shape

Comfortable and traceless

In addition to underwear, Tree Mama also won one today

Non-marking panties

Start a group,

The biggest feature of this panty is

The fabric is soft and skin-friendly, and the breathability is particularly good, and it is not wet or stuffy when worn closely

, now this season will be especially comfortable to wear;

In addition, the elasticity is also very large, basically not very picky, fat mothers can easily wear it;

The intimate care of the design can also be seen, and it is the kind of mid-rise design

If it is well covered, it can also tuck the abdomen and lift the buttocks;

Coupled with 100% car-free stitching, the places that need to be stitched are glued with vegetable glue, which is firm and traceless, and the quality is much higher than similar underwear on the market.

No stitches on the edges

There are no stitches at the sutures

As intimate clothing, whether it is underwear or underwear, usually wash and change frequently, generally speaking, every three months to half a year need to be replaced as a whole, like mothers may wish to take advantage of the group to prepare a few more pieces for themselves, than usual scattered to start ha.

Next, Shu Mama will talk to you in detail about the benefits of this underwear underwear.

Selected fabrics, excellent quality

As we all know, the quality of underwear depends largely on the fabric.

This underwear of our group uses the underwear industry

High-end fabrics

, generally only used by international big brands, can take into account the appearance, and pay attention to comfort and functionality.

For example, this French lace, all from top lace manufacturers, tailored one-to-one according to each bra, is completely different from ordinary fabrics on the market.

Very soft, the edges will not irritate the skin, the flower type is unique, fashionable and atmospheric;

To add comfort in summer, individual models have also been added

cool yarn material,

At room temperature, you can feel the cold feeling of 1-2 degrees, and the temperature difference under the air conditioner is 3-5 degrees, which is especially suitable for mothers who are afraid of heat.

The mold cup is made of high-density sponge, which does not contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and aromatic amines, and will not be degummed after multiple washes, and all kinds of auxiliary materials are also safe and healthy materials.

In terms of environmental protection, it complies with the most stringent EU REACH law in the underwear industry and the German OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 standard, so mothers can wear it with confidence.

Scientific design, comfortable shaping

It is no exaggeration to say that design is definitely the soul of underwear.

The design team of this underwear has nearly 20 years of first-line brand design and production experience, and has an in-depth understanding of the body characteristics of Asian women, which is also an important reason why its underwear is particularly easy to wear.

Like what

The non-marking underwear has no stitches and no hems all over the body,

The elasticity of the fabric is retained to the greatest extent, and the friction between the skin is smaller, and it is almost impossible to feel its presence when wearing it without pressing it, no wonder many mothers say that they often forget to take it off at night.

Although some shape-shaped underwear does not have steel rims, they are also carefully designed on the lift, and the mold cup is kept round and three-dimensional through the mesh lifting tab.

It not only strengthens the shaping, gathering and supporting force of the chest, prevents the breast from sagging and expanding, but also prevents the underwear from deforming over time

, this design was patented.

The side ratio design is also relatively high, which can be very good

Push the side fat forward to gather and collect the milk


Each underwear is made by the designer with a lot of energy and repeated polishing, which is why it has such a good wearing experience.

Exquisite workmanship, strong and durable

As we all know, factories that can make underwear for first-line brands have a hard indicator of technical strength.

Our underwear is made of

Workers with more than 20 years of production experience plate production,

Very rigorous and meticulous, even for each gesture has strict requirements. Therefore, the function of the underwear made is also highly consistent with the design concept.

The sewing part is evenly routed, the seams are flat, and the edges are wide and narrow;

The shoulder straps, cup edges, upper bundles, and bends are hemmed to make the bra lines look smoother and simpler.

The underwires and side stitching are hidden under the lace fabric, which is visually more simple and refined.

In order to ensure the stability of quality and avoid artificial quality problems, the production process of high-tech AI artificial intelligence is also used in the underwear underwear, and the “dot glue technology” of aviation aircraft wing bonding is used to ensure that the quality of one and ten thousand pieces of products is the same.

The fabric fits more firmly and will not fall apart when torn vigorously.

A variety of options, super cost-effective

We started the group today

7 underwear and 1 panty,

It’s all its home

Very well seller


Word of mouth is super

‘s style, let’s talk about it separately with everyone, mothers can choose according to their own wearing habits and preferences.


Glossy for a comfortable bra

This design has a strong sense of design,

Solid glossy surface

The cups are very versatile and have a good texture;

No steel rim, mold cup integrally formed, coupled with the bottomless chop design, the effect of wearing and gathering is very good, especially for people with small breasts, it is just like tailor-made!

Available in 4 colors,

skin color, black, skin pink, light purple,

The original price is 169 yuan, our group purchase price

159 RMB


Glossy memory underwired bra

The cups of this one feel super soft to the touch and are more comfortable to wear than ordinary sponge cups;

Thin cups with memory steel rings have a very good supporting effect on large breasts.

The 3/4 cup line is also smoother, and mothers with plump breasts can focus on the next ha;

3 colors,

skin color, black, light gray,

The original price is 159 yuan, the group purchase price

149 yuan


Underwired lace bra

This large piece of French lace design is very high, the flower pattern is fashionable and atmospheric, and it is not easy to collide with the suit;

The thin cup with the soft steel ring design, the same 3/4 cup type, whether it is a large chest or a small chest is very suitable;

2 colors,


and white,

The original price is 169 yuan, the group purchase price


Full cup lace underwired bra

The same lace design, this one is more sexy, deep V design, with a mesh pull tab design inside, the gathering effect is also not picky, there is no underwire, and the sense of restraint is smaller.

The 70B and 75A are thick cups, and the rest are thin cups with removable inserts, which are very plump on both large and small chests.

There is only one color:

Dew blue


Lace casual cut unwired bra

Simple but delicate, the surface is all French lace, the patch is Modal fabric, not loose edges, soft and skin-friendly.

Teardrop-shaped chest pads, thick and thin below, with ventilation holes,

It is not stuffy to wear and is super comfortable.

Two colors:

Duruo blue, skin color

, original price 209 yuan, group purchase price

189 RMB


Tailor lace bra

This design is

Bandeau model

, more practical than ordinary underwear.

It’s particularly good to use

Cool fabric

, deep V design at the back, sexy and stylish and suitable for summer wear.

White, black, light plumage gray


Conformal fit underwired bra

This is the most classic no-mark style, completely unpicky, suitable for almost everyone;

Wide shoulder strap design, very large fabric elasticity, back U-shaped design, better wrapping ability, suitable for many occasions: home, sports, commuting…, super practical, belongs to the must-have for mothers.

5 colors,

Skin color, black, pink, navy blue, gray

Here’s a word to say to you:

The back of the first 4 gathered and shaped underwear is hooked, and the last 3 are comfortable and unmarked vest-type.


AI casually tailored non-marking panties

It is made of high-quality high-elastic fabric, which can be stretched to 187% longitudinally and 272% horizontally, and fat mothers can wear it without pressure.

It is also a “dot glue technology” that uses the bonding of aviation aircraft wings, and there is no stitching and no hem, which can be called worthy of the name

The fabric is made of 100% cotton imported from Japan, which is more soft and breathable. Mid-rise design,

The degree of coverage is also good, and you can also tuck in the abdomen and lift the buttocks.

Three strips in a box,

skin tone, pink, light gray,

The original price is 199 yuan, and the group purchase price is

179 yuan

Attach a specific size chart, mothers can compare to choose, if the size is not good, you can follow the following method to actually measure ha.

Panty size chart

Underwear size chart

Underwear is a close-fitting item with high requirements for hygiene and privacy, so it is not a quality problem and does not support return and exchange.

Here too

Special reminder

Next Moms:

1. In order to maintain the softness and shape of underwear, be sure to use soap for underwear, gently wash by hand, and the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees;

2. In order to prolong the service life of underwear, the removable chest pad is best extracted and washed separately;

3. The soaking time should not be too long, after cleaning, it can not be vigorously wrung out or exposed to the sun, gently press off the moisture, and dry it naturally in a cool and ventilated place.

The stock is limited, so if moms already have a favorite style, be sure to buy it as soon as possible.

Participation details

Group purchase products:


(Available in 8 colours)

01. Glossy memory underwired bra

Group Price:

The original price is 159 yuan / piece, group purchase price


RMB/piece (free shipping)

02. Underwired lace bra

03. Full cup lace underwired bra

04. Glossy surface gathers comfortable bra

The original price is 169 yuan / piece, group purchase price


05.AI Cut non-marking panties

The original price is 199 yuan / piece, group purchase price


06. Conformal fit underwired bra

07. Lace conformal cut unwired bra

08. Tailor lace bra

The original price is 209 yuan / piece, group purchase price


Special reminder: For the above products, 10 yuan off the purchase of 2 pieces, 20 yuan off 3 pieces.

Suitable age:

18 years old and above

Group Purchase Cycle:


Numbers are limited and tours are available while stocks last

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Non-marking panties

159 RMB

159 RMB

3 colors,

The original price is 169 yuan, the group purchase price

, original price 209 yuan, group purchase price

, original price 209 yuan, group purchase price

189 RMB

189 RMB

Group Price:

Group Price:

Group Price:

RMB/piece (free shipping)

RMB/piece (free shipping)

RMB/piece (free shipping)