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In recent years, the retro trend in the fashion circle has continued to rise, evoking the retro feelings of many fashionable women. Mary Jane shoes can be said to be one of the most vintage style representative shoes, most Mary Jane shoes have a lace design on the instep, combined with a light and compact shoe shape, it is particularly comfortable to wear.

Mary Jane shoes are also rich in styles and colors, in addition to the common black square toe style, now there are pointed heels, almond heads, etc., which can facilitate us to match a variety of styles.

1. Mary Jane shoes + skirt

Mary Jane shoes with a round toe design are the most basic of many styles, and this kind of shoes with a round toe design is not easy to expose the problem of the soles of the feet, and the tolerance of the soles of the feet is also very high, and the girls with wider soles can also control the feet well. These bright purple starry sky flat Mary Jane shoes, paired with light purple short sleeves and a white high-waisted floral chiffon skirt, are fresh and quirky.

This black and white color scheme of Mary Jane shoes, continuing the classic characteristics of Mary Jane shoes, adding a lace-up design, this delicate small shoe looks like a little girl, with white mid-top stockings, can play a role in lengthening the leg line.

The upper body is matched with a light pink small fragrant jacket and a black high-waist miniskirt, and the whole person is full of pink and tender feeling, fresh and ladylike.

In this set of French retro style matching, the young lady chose a white T-shirt, with a high-waist pleated suit skirt, the overall style belongs to the literary and temperamental type, full of beautiful and fresh French romantic dressing style, the lady stood on tiptoe, as if transformed into a white swan dancing ballet.

On the feet is a pair of particularly bright red glossy leather Mary Jane shoes, this style with a heel design can meet the requirements of small girls for height, the heel of this shoe is not particularly high, almost three centimeters, so after the foot can naturally extend the leg line, not easy to get tired feet.

The princess-style black slip print skirt adopts a V-shaped neckline combined with a sleeveless design, which can better show the slender neck line and right-angled shoulders, and better enhance the wearer’s temperament.

In addition, the messy pink floral elements on the skirt, because the overall outfit brings a fresh girly taste, the skirt part is relatively fluffy, which can better modify the crotch width problem, and at the same time appear that the waist is particularly slender. The feet are paired with black stockings and black glossy square-toe Mary Jane shoes, which are exquisite and elegant.

2. Mary Jane shoes + loose coat

In addition to paying attention to the reasonable shape, but also pay attention to the occasion of wearing, few people wear clothes especially disaster, but the most common matching mistake many people make is that the shoes are somewhat out of place. We must know how to match shoes reasonably according to the occasion.

If you want to attend some formal occasions, try to choose Mary Jane shoes with a high heel style, if you are going out shopping daily, it is recommended that you choose this flat style of Mary Jane shoes with square toe, the glossy material looks quite advanced, and the surface is also decorated with pearls, highlighting the exquisite taste. This color-block style of Mary Jane shoes is paired with a pure white silhouette coat, which is atmospheric and high-class, perfectly showing the free temperament of mature women.

In addition, this thick-soled round-toe doll shoes with white stockings can greatly reduce the dullness and formality brought by the black suit shape.

This wide-fit black blazer features shoulder pads to avoid the visual sensation of making the wearer look like a big-headed doll, and is paired with a white shirt and high-waisted shorts, which is refreshing and smart, and the white legs of the lower body are particularly eye-catching.

Third, Mary Jane shoes + jeans

For women who pursue a simple and comfortable style, you can choose this pure black basic Mary Jane shoes, which are particularly comfortable on the feet without any sense of restraint, and are paired with a white doll-collar shirt and high-waisted jeans, giving people a casual and rustic feeling.

And this black square-topped Mary Jane shoes, belongs to a versatile shoe type, and any color matching, will not violate the sense of harmony, casual style jeans very well weaken Mary Jane shoes This retro shoes bring old-fashioned and dull, in the style of dressing can present a sense of difference, a casual and simple casual sense of nature is also born.

In addition to the flat design of Mary Jane shoes, this kind of almond head light Mary Jane shoes with roots, the appearance is fashionable and delicate, used to match light-colored tops and pants, so that the fashionability and delicate sense of the shape is greatly enhanced, the smooth color of the dress is simple and atmospheric, highlighting the unity and coordination of the shape, is loved by the current fashionable women.

This light green coat is finished with gold pearl buttons and large lapels to add a sophisticated age-reducing feel, while whitening and enhancing the touch. With light-colored denim wide-leg pants on the lower body, the overall dress style becomes simple and free, and makes fashion and age reduction coexist.

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