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Affected by the epidemic, whether it is their own reasons or other reasons, some domestic supermodels do not have a lot of work during fashion week. Recently, the epidemic situation in China has been controlled and eased, and some supermodels have also begun to work hard. Magazine shoots are relatively small in contact with people, so many supermodels and celebrities return to work through magazines. In April, the cover of the American edition of “Vogue” magazine was recently exposed, and a total of 15 models with different styles and nationalities were selected to appear together.

One of the most familiar is the national model Liu Wen, who as a Chinese model, she also has a great influence in the world. In 2019, she became the only model to be included in the Forbes 2019 celebrity list, and has been shortlisted for the Forbes World’s Most Profitable Supermodel list many times. After experiencing the “missing map, breaking the contract” incident in 2019, she still ranked firmly on the 2019 model list, which is the pride of the Chinese people.

In the cover of “Vogue” in April, Liu Wen appeared on the cover on behalf of Chinese supermodels. She wears a simple denim shirt, and the shirt chooses a more retro collar, which is natural and generous. Liu Wen’s style has always been fresh and atmospheric, as a High Fashion supermodel, she has always retained a fresh and natural temperament in private, and in the face of the camera, she can change a variety of different temperaments. This time’s styling seems to have overturned, and Liu Wen’s short hair has also become a “haircut template” for a while, but this time the curly hair is really unacceptable. The degree of aging is really unusual, and the 32-year-old Liu Wen is as old as an aunt.

And when Liu Wen’s short hair is not styled, it is naturally as sweet as a little girl in her 20s.

Also overturned is South Korean supermodel Sora, who wears a vintage denim jacket that looks too retro in color and style to be too fashionable. In the case of poor light, the face appears a little puffy, and the bulging cheekbones look particularly old. Coupled with a retro hairstyle of two or eight points, it also looks like a rustic aunt.

And Sora, who usually shoots magazines, is not afraid of face shooting, and the small spots on her face look cute and age-reduced, which is no different from teenage girls.

On the other hand, the styling of other supermodels has turned beautiful. Vittoria Ceretti, representing Italy, is smart and handsome in a LV printed checkered denim suit. Although the theme of the makeup this time is a natural earth tone, the beauty of the shedding is almost not very retouched, and the lighting is not very powerful, but it is still beautiful.

Supermodel Paloma Elsesser, who represented the United States on the cover, is a plus-size supermodel wearing a dark blue denim suit. The peach-shaped collar of the upper body modifies the plump upper circumference, and the waist circumference is tightened to form an hourglass figure. The ruffled hem of her blouse adds a feminine touch, and she combs her long hair into braids to make her face smaller, and with chocolate-colored makeup, she is beautiful.

In the inner page, Sun Feifei and other national models also appeared in the shooting, and the shapes were all elegant and generous. Sun Feifei wore a sweet lace collar shirt with a small fragrant coat, and chose light-colored flared jeans for pants, which were retro and quite fashionable. Put on an elegant top hat and look at the elegant Miss Qianjin.

Angela Yuen and Gia Tang from Hong Kong and Taiwan were also honored to appear on the pages of the magazine. Many national models appeared in the American version of “Vogue”, which made people sigh that Chinese models are now superior in strength and have been doubled in recognition, which is proud.

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