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Since buying a car, it has brought a lot of convenience to my life, but the most troublesome thing is washing the car. I have to go to the car wash almost every week, especially when it rains, the car can become very dirty and the queue for the car wash can take a long time. In fact, it costs a lot of money to wash a car a year, which is a big expense. Recently, I started a set of Lutian Desert Eagle lithium battery high-pressure car washing machine, all kinds of tools are complete, it is a more professional-level cleaning set, and I will introduce you to these sets.

This time I first ordered a set of car washing machine, which has short gun heads, 20V battery packs, battery pack chargers, 5-meter inlet pipes, self-priming filters, quick-insert connectors, foam pots, in fact, this set of equipment can fully meet the daily cleaning use. In order to make cleaning more convenient, I also ordered the Green Field folding bucket, bucket settlement filter, Green Field car wash machine accessories water inlet joint, car wash towel wipe cloth special towel, car wash gloves, metal three-section telescopic rod car wash brush, this lineup is relatively powerful.

THE SHAPE OF THIS MACHINE IS VERY SIMILAR TO THAT OF A PISTOL, WEIGHING 2.25KG AND CAN BE HELD WITH ONE HAND. The front end is a water outlet, which can be connected to a short tip or a foam jug. The water inlet is located at the front of the trigger and is connected to the water pipe by a quick connector, which is very tight after connection. Batteries can be installed under the gun body, snap-on connection, very convenient installation.

The electric gun adopts innovative metal double plunger pump technology, and the outlet pressure is still very strong. I tested it with my hands, and it still felt a little tingling.

Rotating the tip can change the angle. The area of the fan-shaped flush is very large, and the mist sprays out, which quickly soaks the body. 0° direct impact is very strong, can wash away dust in the gap, car washing does not damage the paint. The water gun has a long firing range, the exterior wall can be cleaned, and the fine protection grade is soft and high-pressure, which overcomes rigidity with softness and stronger decontamination.

A lot of people are worried about the power of the product, and I don’t think there’s to worry about this at all. The product itself is equipped with a 20V lithium battery, which can be used for 20 minutes by official propaganda. I used it to complete a car wash and it was more than enough. And the advantage of lithium batteries is that they do not need water and electricity, which is very convenient. It is also very cheap and affordable, and it is very cost-effective. Fully charged before car wash, you can check the power level through the button on the battery, press the green POWER TEST button. The waterproof rating of the lithium battery pack is IPX7, so that there is no need to worry about the battery pack being damaged by water when washing the car.

    I also bought a 20L folding bucket, which is really very convenient to store. It is usually placed in the trunk and does not take up space. This bucket will be better with a green field sand and gravel filter. Because usually when we wash the car, some sand in the water will scratch the body, the leakage hole of the filter screen is the shape of the funnel, and it is difficult to be sucked up when the sand sinks, which better protects our car.

There’s also a 5m hose inside, which I think is enough to pull from the front of the car to the rear. There is also a filter at one end of the inlet pipe, which can filter impurities in the water and prevent debris from blocking the water pipe when washing the car.

The use of the Green Field Desert Eagle Car Wash Machine is very simple, no external faucet and power supply are required, as long as you prepare a bucket of clean water, you can start washing the car directly. The reason why I chose it is also because of the convenience of lithium batteries. Usually, this product can also be carried at any time, and as long as there is water anywhere, it can be connected to a bucket of car washing, and it is also suitable for other scenes such as watering flowers and washing glass.

So much has been introduced, how is the experience of using this equipment? Then let’s show everyone my car wash process!

After a simple installation, I first rinse the stubborn stains on the car with a lithium pistol at high pressure. To be honest, this 25bar impact is still very strong, and the mud spots on the car are washed down.

I first installed a foam pot to spray a layer of foam on the body with car wash liquid, and softened it for about five minutes, which could soften some oil stains on the surface of the car, and the foam could loosen and flow away the remaining sediment together to prevent damage to the car paint when washing.

I also bought car wash gloves, and when the foam softened the stain, I scrubbed them with them, like a car bath, without sparing any corners.

I also bought a metal three-section car wash brush, because the roof window is not reachable in some places, this car wash brush can be easily cleaned, and the cleaning strength is also good, such as the roof is often stuck with some bird droppings, this large stain still needs to be cleaned with a brush.

After scrubbing, I turned on the fan water spray mode to rinse the foam on the body, and then used the straight water spray mode to rinse the second time, and the tires can also be flushed with the straight water spray mode, which is very clean. The design of the short gun is still very good, it can be washed at multiple angles, it is not easy to touch the body, and it is more flexible to get started.

 After washing the car, rinse it with clean water, and then wipe the car and collect the water towel comes in handy. I didn’t see any dander during use, and it was very gentle to touch the surface of the car. It does not hide sand particles and can care for the paint surface. And the towel water absorption is also super good~~ The water droplets on it disappear cleanly, and the car becomes as clean as new.

I still enjoyed this car wash experience, and I finished it in less than half an hour. I also often use it to water flowers, clean glass, and rinse the floor, and the results are also very good, bringing a lot of convenience to my life.

After having it, I almost stopped going to the car wash, and every weekend I bathed the car in the small courtyard downstairs, exercised, and my mood was more relaxed. It is simple to operate, you can wash it with a bucket of water, and you don’t need to connect to the faucet, and the cleaning strength is completely OK. The set I matched myself cost four or five hundred yuan, washed a few times to get back the book, and you can always use it in the future, usually used to water flowers is also good, I think it’s worth it~