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When it comes to the warmest items in winter, there must be many cuties to choose a coat, it is a very warm item, not only thick texture, but also through neat tailoring to make the wearer look more structured and stylish, so winter wearing woolen coat will be more elegant, today I will bring you the fashion blogger’s foreign style, each set is very temperamental, suitable for ordinary people, worth learning.

The first one introduced to you is a black tweed coat, black as the basic color of many colors, has been loved by everyone since ancient times, it can be said to be a versatile color, suitable for any occasion, if you do not have a dressing idea, then this is your best choice, white and thin and tall.

The black coat on the blogger adopts a mid-length design, the length is just enough to cover the curve of the hips, which is very friendly to slightly fat eyebrows, especially suitable for women with pear-shaped bodies, it will well modify the shortcomings of crotch width and too full hips, and turn it into your advantageous advantage, perfectly split the body proportions.

The cut of this coat is relatively neat, and the cut of the silhouette is integrated into the cuffs, so it has a little more cute and playful temperament, especially suitable for sisters with slightly thick arms, it incorporates a double-breasted design, looks quite British-style, super malleable, and the design of small lapels can also modify the neck line well.

When choosing an underwear, we can learn from the blogger’s matching method and choose a white turtleneck shirt, so that its white neckline will be exposed from the neckline of the coat, thus creating a richer layer, and will effectively prevent drilling.

When wearing this coat, the blogger cleverly integrated the “missing underwear” and “anti-seasonal wearing method”, revealing his slender legs, which is very suitable for short eyebrows, if you are more afraid of cold, then learn from the blogger’s style, with a pair of black heels is better, it will cover most of the calf line, thereby improving the warmth of the legs.

For the coat’s “missing underwear” wearing method, the following one is also worth your reference, the blogger chose a camel cape coat, still a mid-length design, will cover the hip line well, but also show an elegant and fashionable temperament, very friendly to slightly fat eyebrows, slightly thick arms do not have to worry.

This cape coat adopts a silhouette cut, incorporating an open design in the cuffs, as long as the arms are extended out of it, which gives this solid color coat a different sense of shape, and the blogger paired it with a pair of black shorts, the two complement each other and look very stylish.

In order to keep warm, the blogger cleverly matched himself with a pair of black stockings, which is worth learning from the mature women in front of the screen, after all, black stockings are one of the most feminine items, if you feel that the weather is cold, then with a pair of velvet stockings will be warmer, but also show seductive feminine charm.

If you like a light-colored coat in front of the screen, then the following cream yellow coat is worth buying, in recent years, the milk color has become more and more popular, that is, the color formed after injecting milky white into the light color, loved by women, cute and fashionable, and not too picky about skin tone.

The best match with cream yellow is definitely white, after all, white belongs to the brightest color, will strengthen the overall cuteness, make you look fresher, white is the most classic of the basic colors, if you don’t know how to wear it, choose it is right.

In order to create femininity, the blogger directly matched a white sweater dress, it is really a perfect match with the coat, who said that you can’t wear a dress in winter? As long as it is combined with a coat, you can show the charm of a big woman while feeling a little more tender like water, which is simply suitable for young girls.

In terms of style design, it can also be more foreign and playful, for example, the following goose yellow horn button coat is very foreign and gentle, playful and age-reducing, especially suitable for small children.

The design of the hood itself is relatively young, lively and bright, exquisite and fashionable, but also integrates the strong sense of style of horn button elements, lively and beautiful, easy to wear a full sense of high-end and fashion charm, simple and neat, free comfort and aura.

In addition, the length of the coat itself is also chosen to reach a little above the knee, showing the line of the calf to the maximum, even small people can wear a sense of luxury and fashion.

Simply pair it with a wardrobe white sweater and jeans, easy and simple, comfortable and warm and simple, whether it is paired with Martin boots or loafers are very delicate and easygoing, when you go out, with the help of a scarf is more layered.

The red coat is a more eye-catching style, after all, it is the C position in the crowd, which can make you easily become a fashionable elf, but it is not recommended that you try a red coat, which may wear a vulgar temperament, dark red is the most conservative choice.

When matching the inside, you can learn from the blogger’s style and match yourself with a suit, so that you can maintain the overall harmony and match, will not let you easily wear the abrupt feeling, choose the basic color is enough.

These coats are perfect for everyday travel, and if you think what I’ve shared for you has helped you, give me a note and we’ll see you next time.

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