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There are many types of rings, and in addition to diamond solitaire rings and pair rings suitable for marriage proposals, delicate and small diamond rings are also classic fashion items. Not only can it be worn normally on the index finger, but also as a tail ring, or stacked with a single diamond ring. There are also a variety of diamond ring styles, such as straight strip rings, V-shaped rings, cross rings, and other styles.

Straight strip ring:

Almost all jewelry brands have a straight strip ring, which is the most classic style in the ring. Generally priced at about 2000, the color is rose gold, K yellow, K white three, diamond fraction is the sum of all small diamonds, generally 10 points, 20 points diamond ring is the most common.

Stacking rings:

Stacking two small fractional rings together is the simplest and most fashionable way to stack them, and in this case, it is usually better to have diamonds in both rings with 10 or 15 points.

Stack with a single diamond ring:

Straight strip bands with solitaire diamond rings are the most classic way to wear them. The sparkling ring next to the center diamond is neither overarching nor dull, but adds a touch of chic and playful vibrancy to the overall styling, looking sophisticated and stylish.

Classic Tiffany Prongs Set Ring:

On the basis of the straight strip ring, Tiffany & Co. is more famous for a row ring, each small diamond is set with individual prongs. Diamonds have relatively large scores, generally ranging from 30 to 70 points, and the higher the quality of the diamond, the higher the price. In addition to wearing it alone, it can also be worn with a large fractional single diamond ring, such as a 1-carat diamond ring.

Chaume V-Row Ring:

The V-shaped ring will define the shape of the hand and make the fingers appear slender and slim. Chaumet Paris’ Joseph rings are stacked with this V-row ring with a gemstone or pearl main ring.

Deep V Ring:

Compared to the V-shape of the Chaumet V ring, this style of ring V has a larger curve, which can also modify the hand shape and is more suitable for wearing alone.

Branch Ring:

A slightly changed style based on the V-shaped ring.

Cross Bar Rings:

The crossed ring on the front is also famous for Tiffany’s style, which has appeared in previous TV series, and has been popular for many years.

Heart-shaped rings:

Some people like to call it Chow Tai Fook heart-shaped ring, which is actually similar to the V-shaped strip ring.

Wave Ring:

The shape of the ring is like the waves of the sea, generally the diamond is smaller, the common is the style of 10-cent diamond, the price is relatively cheap, only about 1000.

There are also double-row strip rings, full diamond strip rings, and ruby sapphire strip rings, etc., I wonder if there is a favorite ring in these styles?