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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

This year, many players said that Peak finally played the color scheme clearly.

The popular triangle and flash 3 have many high-value and connotative color schemes appearing one after another.

Recently, there are two new models

Flash 3

On sale, Xiaobian brings unpacking today.

The first paragraph is called

“Flying Heaven”

Color matching, a tribute to China’s aerospace industry.

The upper is staggered in beige and white and detailed with polka dots to resemble the shell of a spaceship.

The midsole is a red and yellow gradient effect, which is not only like the tail inflammation of a rocket, but also brings a strong Chinese charm.

The tongue webbing with kites, rockets, satellites and other motifs represents Chinese space dreams since ancient times.

With flying letters and a five-star pattern on the heel, it once again pays tribute to China’s space industry.

This year, China’s aerospace industry has achieved new achievements, and this color scheme is particularly suitable now.

The second paragraph is called


, paying tribute to the tenacity of the players and delivering inspirational themes.

The body is dominated by a black-gray tone, and the hot melt part has a snake pattern. Details such as tongue and heel are embellished in gold.

Black gold tone + snake print, reminiscent of the black mamba theme, is this color designer also Comme?

The tongue-tongue triangle logo adds a shimmering motif and is embellished with the quote “All is not gold that glitters. But gold will glitter forever.”

Both color schemes are already on sale in the official flagship store of Peak, so players who like it should not miss it.

Peak Flash 3

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18¥B3FTXvk7MXV¥ Peak Extreme Flash 3rd Generation Basketball Shoes Fall/Winter 2021 New Low-Top Practical Wear-resistant Men’s White Sneakers [Order Now]