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I refused to get up this morning because it was so cold, and I had already seen passers-by wearing down jackets when I went to work in the morning. Although down jackets are indeed exaggerated in Guangzhou now, but for many friends in other regions, down jackets must have been commonplace these days.

Although we always say that down jackets are bloated, Michelin, but people are really warm, sometimes you have to wear it if you don’t wear it, so at this time wearing a down jacket looks good has become a thing worth thinking about. So I decided: today’s topic is – down jackets.

Before discussing how to put a down jacket on, here are some interesting stories about the history of down jackets. Although the historical down jacket really appeared in 1940, in fact, humans began to use feathers to keep warm at a very early age, when down products were mostly similar to sheets, and in the past, because it was difficult to separate down directly from the feathers, they were manually selected, and the price was quite expensive, and it should be able to be used by officials and nobles.

Before the emergence of down jackets, bomber jackets were everyone’s preferred cold items, so many of the down jackets after that were bomber silhouettes should also be related.

It is said that the appearance of the down jacket is also related to the near-death experience of the inventor Eddie Bauer. Eddie Bauer, a former sporting goods store owner, once went fishing on a snowy January day and returned with a woolen coat and dragging 100 pounds of fish. The bag containing the fish and the sweat of walking for a long time were frozen not long after he stopped to rest, and his body temperature became lower and lower. Fortunately, he brought a revolver and fired a shot at the friend in front, otherwise the appearance of the down jacket does not know how long it will be postponed.

After returning, Bauer was not idle, he knew that he could not give up the hobby of fishing in winter, and what he needed was a breathable and light clothing that also kept warm so that he would not take it off even when he was tired. So he remembered that his uncle had told him before: when he was in the Russian army, he saw someone stuffing feathers into his clothes to keep out the cold. Because he knew some down dealers, it was going well, and in order to prevent the feathers from escaping, he also used high-density woven cotton and quilting techniques, which he later patented.

After that, the U.S. Air Force B-9 was also made by Bauer. And the label on the back of the dress also has Eddie Bauer’s name written on it. The dress was so warm that soldiers kept asking where to buy this down jacket after returning home.

Until now, the fabric of the down jacket has become diverse, and the styles are different, but the technology of quilting is still the mainstream, although the technology of lamination has also appeared in recent years, in fact, it has evolved from the technology of quilting, and there are some drawbacks, and those down jackets that you think do not have quilting are just quilted down made into an inner tank.

When it comes to quilting, many people’s first impression is that diamond-shaped quilting is too old-fashioned, and parallel quilting always thinks of Michelin tires, anyway, they think that down jackets are not related to fashion. However, in the past two years, you can look at it, the brand has changed the promotional words of down jackets from warm clothing to “fashionable”, “light” and “portable”, especially the following lightweight down jackets are the main ↓↓↓

Don’t rush to say it’s ugly, after watching the collocation of the hipsters, you will talk. Generally speaking, the style of small standing collar is indeed very general, so everyone generally treats it as an inner layer, which not only avoids the distress of wearing a lot of pieces, but also a coat is actually quite domineering.

Wearing a tweed suit will look the same way, and it won’t feel bloated and ugly at all. However, it should be said that if you are wearing a more mature and formal outfit, the color of your down items should be mainly dark, such as black, dark blue and so on.

Casual, with a hooded windbreaker is also good, the color can also choose bright and lively, such as orange, blue, but not too bright.

If it is worn outside, I recommend that you choose the bomber style, the color is also the best basic color, and the young guys will follow their usual routine of wearing a bomber jacket.

The following plaid quilted style with fur collar lapels is relatively mature and more suitable for mature men of 30+. It is also quite spiritual. Because these clothes are generally longer, it is best to wear them open to expose the waistline.

In addition, this kind of light and thin style and suit collar are also more popular. This kind of is generally navy blue, and it either follows the style of British urban men or takes the American style of workwear.

However, if you want to appear more formal, you may need to change the fabric, maybe the matte fabric or cotton looks more convincing than the overly reflective nylon fabric, and the color is recommended gray. Wear the lower body with trousers and formal shoes.

Or you can also wear a thin down jacket in the coat style, directly on the outside of the sleeve, but it is not recommended to check the patterned, parallel quilting is better.

In fact, if it is worn for business, a thin straight down jacket can look good as long as it is paired with trousers and shoes, regardless of the length or shortness.

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So I said so much thin down, does it mean that the fluffy down is not good-looking? Actually, it’s not, let’s do it one by one. To be honest, I personally prefer the fluffy one. What Michelin is in the past, and the current down jacket is obviously very fashionable. For example, how popular is the fall/winter 2015 joint down jacket of Supreme and The North Face in street photography.

In fact, I think that young men look better in this kind than wearing thin types, thin types are more suitable for men who usually dress more maturely, and this is suitable for sunny and energetic hipster men, and there can be more changes in color. Casual sweatshirt, sweatpants, trendy shoes, trendy hat, the upper body attracts countless eyes.

It’s no problem not to be so exaggerated and stunning, Sven’s canvas shoes, simple jeans, and dark down jacket can still show your youthful atmosphere.

And as long as it is not too fluffy, the color is conservative, the length is moderate, and the mature uncles wear it without problems.

The above are all short, in fact, with the popularity of parkas in the past two years, down parkas have gradually become favored. The length that covers the butt is not only warmer, but also does not say long, basically suitable for everyone, but it is more popular among people with a trendy style.

Like the style of the comparative academy, it is naturally stress-free, how to dress up in the fall, and add a parker down in the winter. And if you go to a heated place, it won’t be hot if you take it off.

In fact, it is no problem to be a little more mature, as long as you add some young elements, such as denim, you can use it with leather shoes.

In fact, suits are also possible, like the black version is basically no problem.

However, a length like Parker is basically fine, unless you are in the northeast, otherwise I don’t recommend you buy that kind of ultra-long model. One is that there is not much time to wear, and it is not very convenient to wear, and it is likely that your legs will be gone. Generally, it is worn like this or long-legged opa.

Or the actors wear and take off for filming, because they often shoot spring and summer scenes in the big winter.

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If you still feel that the down jacket is very bloated, then I recommend that you start with a down vest, after all, who freezes in the big winter wind who knows. Areas like the Pearl River Delta maybe

One down vest, one sweatshirt

That’s enough, the fluffy version of gray tweed will be more fashionable.

If it’s too cold, it’s good to wear it on a single-layer coat, for example

Navy blue vest + denim jacket

, It looks quite designed, and it is not contrary at all.

Gentlemen can choose a thin quilted vest,

Slip over a suit

It also looks quite pressing.

Therefore, it is necessary to have it when it comes to down

Guaranteed to make you warm in the cold winter very intimate~

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Single product recommendation

Single product recommendation

Single product recommendation

Single product recommendation