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Amii suit collection

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No matter how cold the wind is, excellent fashion people always have a way to open and hang every day and show their strength. And if a winter suit is good enough, whether it is alone or with other items to form a CP stack, it can assist the fashion and win the fashion competition in silence. This winter, minimalist fashion brand Amii dissected the charm of suits, allowing you to easily interpret the image of a gentlewoman every day in winter.

Exquisite fit, high-end work

Inspired by the suit prototype version of the prestigious Japan Culture and Fashion Institute, Amii’s suit series on the one hand greatly retains the classic elements of men’s suits, on the other hand, based on the H-shaped silhouette, through the use of three-dimensional tailoring and precise body lines on the model, to develop the most suitable basic fit for Asian women, so that the style is both modern and retro.

The snug shoulder design ensures neat and decent dressing and brings out the unique feminine demeanor; The three-dimensional curved waist line and precise cinched position subtly modify the waist line, successfully moving the overall visual upward and perfectly modifying the waist-hip ratio of Asian women. Ingenuity and high-grade production, the upper body shows high-end handsomeness.

Creative materials for winter style

For suits, the public’s most natural association with this category is black suits. In this year’s black suit collection, Amii selected imported T/R fabrics customized from Japan, which feel smooth and slightly elastic, creating a black suit that is structured but not rigid. On a cold winter day, if you worry about layering a woolen coat or wool cardigan on a thin winter day, you can look cool.

And the soft thoughts hidden in the heart of the new queen of the workplace can also be properly placed in Amii’s suits. The delicate-touch, high-density combed warm wool combined with the smooth and detailed suit silhouette in the hands of Amii designers not only highly ensures that the needs of winter warmth are met, but also gives women in the workplace an indispensable light luxury. As fashion blogger Vanessa Hong puts it, “A sophisticated wool suit is a reliable companion for style in your wardrobe that will last forever.” ”

Set mode, vintage check is the best

Fashionistas are sometimes lazy, and brainless and fashionable suits are the best choice in winter. And this year’s super hot “check” elements, combined with suit suits, can be called “the dream of 900 million lazy girls”. The same check is used above and below, which is visually quite harmonious at first. While retaining the retro calm of the classic check, the Ami check breaks the convention, and deliberately uses the color and line direction to divide the layer, through the interpretation of the tailor and the collision of bright lines, small details decoration, adding a bit of modernity to the temperament British style. Some styles come with a belt design that weakens the toughness brought by the blazer and accentuates the perfect waist curve.

The upcoming end of the year is both the season of work summary and the season of holiday socialization, and no matter which scene can not be lost. At the end of a busy workday, rushing to the city’s tide spots to have a drink with friends, Amii’s winter suit is the best CP for your nine-night “dance”, “effortless but big win”.