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A lot of players are talking about this problem: critical strike chance! Before there was a “chopping steel disc”, after there was a “Lingbao disc”, and now it has begun to fight “crit disc”, the problem of critical hit rate has been around for a long time, but it does not directly affect the reputation value, so everyone selectively ignores it, but after careful observation, it turns out that many players have a critical attack problem!

Many classes lack critical strike chance

Regarding the critical strike rate, the more heated discussion points are:

1. Is the Sword Emperor the profession that eats the most critical strike chance? It’s right to say yes, it’s not right to say it, full crit can indeed bring greater benefits to the Sword Emperor, but the impact on other professions is quite large, but it doesn’t have the same buff attributes as the Sword Emperor, but the “crit entry” is for everyone, so the critical strike rate is crucial for any profession! (Except for milk occupations)

2. Is Sword Emperor the profession that lacks critical strike rate the most? The answer is no; The reason why everyone is particularly concerned about the Sword Emperor critical strike rate is mainly because the number of Sword Emperor players is large, and the Sword Emperor generally likes to walk the 533 genre, so I see that many Sword Emperors are complaining that the critical strike rate is not enough;

But in fact, there are many professions with a low critical strike rate like the Sword Emperor, typical such as Red Eye is one of them, but most Red Eye follows the 3332 genre, so it is not very sensitive to the critical strike rate problem.

3. Is it because the details are not good enough? To some extent, the details do affect the critical strike rate, but it cannot be generalized, after all, not all players can achieve perfect details, just as not everyone can afford 12% technical attack jade;

So for a profession born with low critical hits, stacking critical strike rates is a very tiring process, either use the panel for the critical strike rate, or use the evil jade for the critical strike rate, or use the crystal contract for the critical strike rate, anyway, it’s not perfect, maybe some players who don’t understand, and say you don’t have to care!

The price of “Hawkeye Elixir” increased 3 times in 1 day

In fact, looking at all the above problems, the core key point is: the critical strike rate is not enough! As long as your critical strike probability is enough, there are naturally not so many problems, so the question is: how to stack critical strike chances?

You can start with the details, such as badges, guild buffs, crystal contracts, evil jade, etc., but the easiest way is to “take medicine”, without losing any existing creation, taking medicine can bring a lot of critical strike chance, isn’t this the perfect solution to the problem?

However, what we can think of, others can also think of, the most famous “Hawkeye Potion” in the crit potion, 60-second duration + 15% critical strike rate, was originally the most ideal choice, but now, the price has increased wildly!

Before a bottle of Hawkeye potion was sold for between 80,000-90,000 gold coins, although expensive but barely acceptable, but now a bottle of Hawkeye potion sold for as much as 250,000, a full 3 times, good guy, let’s work hard to move bricks for a day, a few bottles of medicine will send us? This is certainly unacceptable.

“Hawkeye Potion” is very good, but it is also expensive, so it is not recommended (please ignore it), and in addition, there are 2 potions worth considering, “Sharp Eye Potion” and “Sharp Eye Potion”, both of which increase the critical strike rate by 50%, which is better than the Hawkeye Potion, and it is also cheaper, only tens of thousands of gold coins can be started, the disadvantage is that it only lasts 20 seconds, let’s only use it in the boss room.

If you feel that spending money on potions is not enough to satisfy you, then there is also a secret trick, in the Moonlight Hotel, you can exchange “Carnelian” for ancient legacy secrets, +8% critical strike chance, duration 30 seconds, can also alleviate the urgent need.

The critical strike rate is not enough, the original solution lies in “carnelian”, I can’t think of it, it is recommended to plan a big update next time to send more carnelian!

Personal Summary:

If the critical strike chance is too high, it won’t get an extra boost, but if the critical strike chance is too low, it will definitely affect the damage, and the impact is still very large!

So under the premise of trying as much as possible, everyone should pile up the critical strike rate, if it really doesn’t work, take medicine, in fact, there are not too many copies that really need to take medicine, it is nothing more than the final boss of each group, but because the critical strike rate is not enough, it will be very embarrassing to blow up the group!