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Wavy high rise small foot pencil pants

The slim and versatile spring pencil pants with wavy waist are a highlight, the high stretch is super thin, and the S-curve is fully revealed.

Denim style slim fit pencil pants

This denim-style slim pencil pants has a very, skinny bodice effect. Pair it with a dark red chiffon shirt and a black vintage floral coat, such a perfect match, can you not be impressed? Hurry up and prepare one.

Cropped pencil pants are not only comfortable to wear, but also look very thin, for girls with flesh on the legs, you can choose black pencil pants with stretch fabric type, which can easily become slim. Regarding the matching recommendation, at this time the sweatshirt jacket is also worn more, and the youthful and cool style with pencil pants is very street-like.

Versatile slim pencil trousers, the fabric of the pants is cotton elastic, there are pockets at the front and back, simple pencil pants style, light pink is very versatile Oh.

Rough-edged cropped small foot pencil pants

The new cropped small-legged pencil pants that are necessary for trendy women in spring, the high-waist design strength is high, and the elements of raw edges are added to show the personality, and the Korean version of the slim fit looks very thin when worn ~

Gray pencil pants

The shape of this one is more cute. Gray pencil pants, a casual top covered with cartoon patterns, and high-top shoes on the feet, very youthful and energetic, that is, thin and young. If your cute sweet MM, choose it. Slim pencil pants are sure to be a must-have item for your early autumn trip.

Recently, fashion female bloggers have shown off their wool sweaters, and being a female expert cannot be vague. Choose a statement printed cardigan to pair with pencil pants, which is not much worse than a jacket. The combination of printed cardigan fake two pieces does not look too monotonous, and the beautiful print will also be the highlight of your outing. If you match it with a chain satchel or small leather shoes like the girl in the picture, the fashion will be doubled!

Split leg small foot pencil pants

This new spring cropped small foot pencil pants is a fashionable and versatile item, the cuff design refuses to be monotonous, the super thin fit, how to wear it is so stylish and attractive.


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