Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

⏰Broadcast at 19:00, tonight is the tide festival, many new products of big brands in the season will take everyone, come and see!

The live broadcast trailer is organized according to the host’s oral description, not the final version, for reference only


1. Longruntang lollipop

2. Soba

3. Potato cakes

4. Fish skin peanuts

5. Dumplings with three vegan fillings

Life Class:

1. Dettol

2. Thermos juicer

3. Puppy wireless mite remover

4. book “Good Touch Your Head 2.0”

5. Face towel

Beauty Trendy Category:

1. Estée Lauder Small Brown Bottle Essence (Free 30ml + Eye Mask*2)

2. OHUI sunscreen

3. Bloomage Bio Hyaluronic Acid Water Light Drop Mask

4. La Roche-Posay K milk

5. Su Mi sum37 set

Trendy Category:

1. BEASTER Little Devil Smiley Coat (229)

2. Skechers classic dad shoes (369)

3. INXX Smiley Sweater (219)

4. Dr. Martens Martin Boots (979)

5. MCM Classic Tote Pack (3699)

6. Korean NERDY Sportswear Set (375)

7. Nike classic running shoes (409)

8. Adidas Little White Shoes (299)

9. NY Fisherman’s Cap (299)

10. Dazzle Zhou Dongyu same denim cotton coat (1499)

11. Vans Classic Board Shoes (400+)

12. Lola rose disc small green watch (650, bracelet)

13.Skechers hooded sweatshirt (159)

14. Mark Warfield cargo pants (189)

15. GROTTO cat god chain bag


17.ONE MORE Cheshire Cat Sweatshirt (209)

18.ONE MORE pinocchio 90% White Duck Down Down Jacket (629)

19.Dickies classic logo sweatshirt (195)

20. Li Ning Guochao Sweatshirt (118)

21. Peace Bird Cat and Mouse Sweatshirt (219)

22.Champion Classic Crewneck Logo Sweatshirt (339)

23. Red Dragonfly Babay same zipper Martin boots (389, free phone bag)

24.SP68 Magic Pants (99)

25.ONE MORE Wool Undershirt (179)

26. KVK necklace

27. Chow Tai Sang 18K Attack Gold Necklace (699, free necklace)

28. Leg fine pants

29. AOJO sunglasses

30. Ear bone clip

31. Socks

32. Viya suit

33. Viya trench coat

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