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On August 30, CCTV Children’s Channel host Hongguoguo announced the good news!

She posted six family portraits with the caption: “It’s almost September~ Looking forward to our new ‘fruit’.” “Apparently, her second child with Green Bubble is about to be born!

In the photo, the couple are sitting on the sofa in white couple clothes, head on head and looking happy, daughter Xiaojuzi in a pink skirt squeezed in the middle, facial features wrinkled together, naughty and cute. Hongguoguo’s face is rounded and her legs are a little thick, and it can be seen that it is very difficult to conceive a second child.

Although the dress worn by Hongguoguo was very loose, she could also see that her belly was clearly bulging, round and large, and she had to support it with both hands. Green Bubble knelt on the ground, his side face pressed to his wife’s pregnant belly, and listened carefully to see if there was any movement inside.

The whole picture is warm and beautiful, and both of them are looking forward to the arrival of the baby.

In the other pictures, the couple changed into black couple clothes and hugged each other extremely intimately. Green Bubble pinched Red Fruit’s cheek with his hand, smiling so hard that he couldn’t close his mouth, Red Fruit pouted, his big eyes were round, and his expression was really cute.

In the comment area, netizens sent “congratulations” one after another, lamenting that their childhood CP was so sweet, and I hope they can always be happy.

Some people were surprised by the couple’s birth speed and felt that the second child came so quickly.

I believe that many people know red fruit fruit and green bubble, they have been hosting “Wisdom Tree” together since 2003, each episode of the program will sing and dance, pronounce the opening phrase “wisdom fruit on the wisdom tree, you and me under the wisdom tree, play games in front of the wisdom tree, have more and more joy”.

“Wisdom Tree” has accompanied countless people through their childhood, and red fruit fruit and green bubbles bring happiness to children with their smiles.

The two met on CCTV Children’s Channel, and after seven years of getting along day and night, they gradually became a couple from partners, and entered marriage hand in hand in 2010.

The real name of Red Fruit Fruit is Chen Su, and the real name of Green Bubble is Geng Chenchen, but over the years, everyone has only known the two people on TV, and they don’t know about their private lives, and even many people don’t know that Red Fruit Fruit and Green Bubble are a real couple.

Perhaps this also shows their dedication and putting their work first, which is impressive.

In June 2019, Hongguoguo gave birth to her daughter Xiao Tangerine, and the world of the two became a family of three.

They often post babies, their daughter is cute and pleasant, and fans love her.

In the first half of this year, Hongguoguo’s figure gradually bloated, and many people suspected that she was pregnant with a second child, but Hongguoguo said that she was fat.

Until June 1, she posted a seaside photo, holding her stomach with both hands, and captioned: “My babies ~ Happy June Day.” ”

She posted a photo in July, saying that her nose was getting bigger and bigger after having a second child, and netizens speculated that the child was a boy.

Although there is no scientific basis for this statement, everyone has begun to bless her “both children and daughters”.

Now, Hongguoguo posted a family photo, telling everyone that the birth time of the second child was in September, hoping that she could give birth to the baby smoothly!

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