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The difference between high and low blood pressure values is greater than 60, the cerebral infarction rate rises sharply, and 3 methods stabilize the “pressure difference”

Everyone knows that high blood pressure and low blood pressure will cause serious damage to our body, but it is often ignored that the “pressure difference” value is abnormal, and it will also bring a lot of damage to the human body.

What is “differential pressure”, what causes abnormalities, and how can it be prevented?


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What is “poor blood pressure”

Human blood pressure is usually under normal conditions, there are two measurement methods, namely systolic blood pressure (high pressure) method and diastolic blood pressure (low pressure) method, there is a certain difference between these two methods, when the blood pressure exceeds 60 mmHg, when the blood pressure difference is large, it is a large difference in blood pressure. Less than 20 mmHg means that the pulse pressure difference is too low, and the appearance of both indicates a problem in the body.

There are three main reasons for excessive “pressure difference”

1. Arteriosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is the main cause of high blood pressure, or even low blood pressure.

Because cholesterol and other lipids are deposited in large quantities on the arterial blood vessel wall, atheroma plaques are slowly formed, resulting in a decrease in blood vessel elasticity.

When the heart gives pressure to the blood vessels, the blood vessels cannot expand in time, so that the blood enters, and the pressure on the blood vessel wall increases, that is, the high pressure rises. When the myocardium is relaxed, the elasticity of blood vessels decreases and blood vessels cannot contract effectively, resulting in normal or low low pressure.

The elasticity of the blood vessel wall has deteriorated, and it cannot fill up as quickly as the blood vessels of young people after pumping blood and contract quickly after the blood flows back to the heart. Causes an increase in pulse pressure.

2. Heart disease

Aortic valve insufficiency, patent ductus arteriosus, etc. can also cause large pulse pressure difference; The difference in pulse pressure in patients with atrial fibrillation is about 70%, and the difference in pulse pressure is small at 20%.

Aortic insufficiency, which may be caused by chronically uncontrolled high blood pressure, chronically overloaded heart, and heart diseases such as rheumatism and syphilis.

3. Metabolic diseases (hyperthyroidism)

In hyperthyroidism, the sympathetic nerve is excited, which increases the heart rate and increases systolic blood pressure, while the increase in peripheral tissue oxygen consumption in patients with hyperthyroidism can dilate blood vessels, which in turn can cause a decrease in diastolic blood pressure, resulting in a large pressure difference.

How to prevent excessive “pressure difference” and harm the body, remember these 3 points

1. Eat healthily

Eat foods rich in antioxidants: green vegetables, citrus, tomatoes, nuts, canola oil, sunflower oil, etc

All kinds of tea drinks: green tea, white tea, etc., can soften blood vessels and reduce blood lipids

Eat less staple foods and more dietary fiber

Reduce the intake of fat and saturated fatty acid foods: cream, lard, etc

Develop a low-fat, low-salt, light diet

Second, exercise more

Exercise can improve heart function, help the heart restore normal contraction function, and reduce the amount of blood pumped

Exercise sweating reduces the total amount of blood and reduces the pressure on the blood vessels

Exercise can strengthen the constriction of blood vessels, and dilated blood vessels can effectively buffer the pressure of blood flow

The results showed that only endurance aerobic exercise could alleviate arteriosclerosis associated with age and calcification. Therefore, as long as the heart function is normal, it is necessary to improve the increase in pulse pressure difference caused by arteriosclerosis, and do more aerobic exercise!

3. Develop good living habits

Quit smoking and abstain from alcohol

Don’t stay up late

Control your weight

Maintain a good and pleasant mood

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