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Whether it’s for everyday or commuting, it’s easy to see wide-leg pants, which adopt a loose fit that can both define the leg shape and play a role in thinning.

This winter’s ordinary style wide-leg pants seem to be less popular, try the neatly tailored suit wide-leg pants, fashionable and personal, very tasteful, and the wide-leg suit pants are very versatile, the basic wardrobe items can be controlled, fashionable and chic.

1. Match with a coat

• Black coat + black suit wide-leg pants

Most fashionable women generally like black wide-leg pants, after the upper body is very thin and capable, in winter to match more aura, the most simple matching routine is to match the tweed coat, black tweed coat and black suit wide-leg pants are very suitable, the upper body uses a loose gray hooded sweatshirt to break the dullness, forming a casual and stylish dressing style, very eye-catching.

The loose H-fit coat and the equally loose black wide-leg pants are particularly friendly items for girls with thick legs, and wearing them can make the body look thinner. At the same time, it also creates a sense of immediacy with the wind when walking, which is particularly aura.

• Black coat + white suit wide-leg pants

The simple and attractive shape can highlight the high-class charm of mature women, and the following set of black and white style coats and suit wide-leg pants is extremely comfortable, and the gold satin shirt is very high-end, highlighting the wearer’s exquisite and fashionable taste.

• White coat + gray suit wide-leg pants

For most women who prefer light colors, this gray and white combination is low-key and simple, which is very suitable for the calm and dignified personality of most mature women, with a beanie and black satchel, making the look more casual and daily.

• Gray coat + white suit wide-leg pants

For simple and attractive light color matching, adding a small area of bright color embellishments can play a good effect of brightening skin tone and enhancing spirit. Like the black and white look below, it is layered with a bright orange knitted sweater, forming a gentle and atmospheric style.

Third, match the suit

• Check suit + black suit wide-leg pants

If you feel that the solid color suit wide-leg pants are a bit boring and monotonous, you can match the piece with check elements to reduce aesthetic fatigue. Like this niche style gray checked blazer, it looks vintage and enriches the color matching of the shape.

• Check suit + gray tweed wide-leg pants

If you prefer an avant-garde and personal look, try these gray tweed wide-leg pants, which retain the stiff fabric and clean cut of the suit pants, making these trousers more stylish on the body, and the loose cuffs completely cover the instep position, adding a stylish atmosphere.

• Black suit + brown suit wide-leg pants

At present, the shape and style of the blazer are diverse, the simple style of suit wide-leg pants and the mid-length style of the blazer is very suitable, we see the following blazer, but also uses a fur collar hemming and gold button decoration, particularly delicate, with suit wide-leg pants, highlighting the sense of nobility.

• Off-white suit + white suit wide-leg pants

For suits that tend to be more casual in their daily style, the fresher and more low-key the color, the more high-end temperament can be highlighted. The simple and atmospheric matching of the same color has formed a unity in color, full of high-end sense.

3. Match cotton clothing

• Black cotton jacket + black suit wide-leg pants

As we all know, the use of high waist line in the shape to highlight the proportion of the body is very important, like this set of short cotton clothing and high-waist design black suit trousers with a particularly smart and refreshing shape, black matching visually played a thin effect, the use of loose clothing and played a role in covering the flesh.

• White cotton jacket + black suit wide-leg pants

The combination of short upper and lower lengths can meet the needs of most women to show their leg length, and this classic black and white color scheme is quite a good choice, which is both durable and age-reducing.

If jeans are versatile enough, wide-leg suit pants are no less versatile, and if you haven’t worn them this winter, give them a try.

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