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Source: Yangtze Evening News

At present, almost everyone’s WeChat circle of friends has micro-business, if you see tens of thousands of yuan of brand-name bags only selling for 180 yuan, I am afraid that many people will be moved, think about it and spend hundreds of dollars. However, the micro-merchants behind this can make a profit.

At the beginning of April this year, Ms. Guo in Nanjing added a micro-business friend, and a few days later, she took a fancy to a luxury bag for sale issued by the other party’s circle of friends, with a counter price of 12,000 yuan, and the other party 55 yuan free shipping. “The price is so cheap, I know it’s not genuine. The other party also said that it was a high imitation, but I received the goods and found that this hardware was too fake, the leather was not good, and it was a shame to carry it out, I had to return, they didn’t want to. Ms. Guo said.

So, Ms. Guo reported the micro-merchant to the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Gulou Branch of the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau. Based on the information provided by Ms. Guo, the police locked up one of the suspects, He Mou, who temporarily lived in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, and they also rented a two-story factory building to place goods. After an ongoing investigation, on May 27, the police arrested three suspects led by He and sealed their warehouses.

He and others have accumulated a very rich source of customers for more than two years, not only selling to a large number of retail investors, but also developing some people as their subordinate agents, with huge shipments every month, and the monthly profit is more than 100,000 yuan. “Their store is tailor-made for customers, that is, they pick up what customers need, so they generally don’t stock up on goods and sell them quickly.” The police told reporters.

Based on the clues of He’s counterfeit sales gang, the police handling the case soon discovered that He’s gang was only an intermediate link in the chain of selling counterfeits. A large number of a brand-name T-shirt in their warehouse came from a counterfeiting gang in Changshu. The police decided to dig deep into the clues and went to Changshu, Jiangsu Province for investigation.

Soon the police discovered that this was a family-style counterfeiting gang headed by Wu, a post-90s girl. Wu’s mother, uncle and friend Lai helped him run a store and a warehouse on a day-to-day basis. Wu and his friends Wang and Huang are in charge of the operation of another store and warehouse, while Wu’s father is in charge of logistics.

After a week of follow-up investigation, the police found that Wu’s two storefront shops opened at 4 p.m. every day. Almost every day, nearly 100 self-employed people line up to wholesale trendy brand clothes. In addition to temporarily stocking goods in the villa where Wu lived, he also rented two warehouses in Changshu. According to the police, “Wu bought a large number of counterfeit brand clothes in a nearby factory, dragged the clothes back to his temporary residence late at night, and pulled the clothes to several warehouses early the next morning for temporary storage and packing. If there is a storefront order or WeChat order, she will deliver the goods on the third day, in order to avoid the blow She basically does not stock up in the warehouse. ”

After several days of on-site inspection, the police decided to close the net on June 14. At 2 p.m. on June 14, Wu and others set off from the temporary villa and pulled two batches of goods to two warehouses. When the two groups of suspects arrived at the warehouse separately, they were arrested on the spot by the waiting police. The police handling the case seized a large number of counterfeit T-shirts, jeans and luxury scarves in Wu’s two warehouses and temporary villas. The total is more than 10,000 pieces, worth more than 1 million yuan. Computers and mobile phones used for online sales were also seized at the scene. According to the preliminary estimate of the police, the total value of the case involved reached more than 10 million yuan.

After interrogation, the police found out that the suspect Wu had been running a shop for more than a year, mainly selling wholesale. Through the model of opening stores and online sales, a large number of customers have been accumulated. The average number of clothes sold from Wu is about 1,000 pieces a day, with an average daily profit of more than 10,000 yuan.

“Wu’s storefront shop just hangs some samples for customers to understand. Most of the customers are individual merchants, and they collect whatever clothes they ask for. The wholesale volume of individual merchants is very large, basically hundreds of purchases. Wu explained that she had expected to be arrested one day. In early May, Wu had registered his own trademark with the relevant departments and designed and produced a batch of self-owned brand short-sleeved T-shirts. “I knew I was going to be caught sooner or later, so I already wanted to change careers. But their own brand clothes are not sold very well, and the profit from selling counterfeits is high. So all this time I have been selling fakes. ”

Police reminder

The actions of Wu and He’s gang infringed the legitimate rights of the owner of the registered trademark, so they were suspected of the crime of selling goods with counterfeit registered trademarks. “The sale of goods with counterfeit registered trademarks is out of the supervision of relevant departments such as industrial and commercial quality supervision, and consumers’ rights cannot be guaranteed.” If you feel that something is not good, there is no way to return it, and citizens who buy fake goods can only suffer dumb losses. “At present, a total of 9 people from the two gangs involved in the case have been taken compulsory measures in accordance with the law, and the case is being further investigated.

Source | Yangtze Evening News reporter Zhou Maochuan correspondent Ning Gongxuan