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Audrey Hepburn once said, “I have a dream, I can have one.”


of wardrobes, which are hung with cashmere sweaters. ”

Audrey Hepburn

Temperamental women love cashmere sweaters

The cashmere sweater gives people a calm beauty, and the fashionable is not noisy and not deliberate. The temperamental women we are familiar with also love cashmere sweaters deeply, such as Yuan Quan on the newly released New Year poster “Mother” a few days ago wearing cashmere sweaters.

Yuan Quan

Big women like Yu Feihong and Chen Shu are also the number one fans of cashmere sweaters, which do not need much embellishment, and are light and generous.

Yu Feihong is dressed: Loro Piana

Chen Shu is dressed: Max Mara

Yao Chen is dressed: Max Mara

Fashionistas love to pair it with trendy pieces and a different flavor.


Zhou Yutong (left) Kaia Gerber (right)


Alessandra Rich wool and cashmere-blend


Not all sweaters are called cashmere sweaters

There are generally two kinds of labels on the market for cashmere sweaters, one cashmere and one cashmere, and the price is several times different. But strictly speaking, only sweaters made of cashmere can be called cashmere sweaters.

Cashmere sweater is the most expensive in the sweater category, it has a delicate and plump appearance, soft and sticky feeling, light and comfortable to wear, good warmth, and is known as “soft gold”. The reason why it is called gold is naturally expensive, a cashmere sweater generally requires 5 goats a year’s cashmere production to make. (The cashmere content is in.)


% or more can be called cashmere sweater, cashmere content above 95% can be labeled as 100% cashmere or pure cashmere sweater. )

And this fine fluff probably grows in this position, which is the bottom of the animal hair.

It only grows every winter, and naturally sheds after spring, with a particularly short production period and scarce yields. Each goat can only be collected

grams, and each fiber is only 13.5 microns in diameter (adult goats have a hair diameter of 15 microns). Because it grows out of the cold winter to protect against the cold, it has excellent warmth.

The process of obtaining fluff is also quite laborious, requiring manual grasping, and then complex washing, sorting, and combing to obtain pure cashmere raw materials.

Loro Piana, “Cashmere: The Source of the Secret Realm”

The touch of cashmere is incomparable with ordinary materials, and it has an absolute skin-friendly feeling. Fran Lebowitz, an American writer on Vanity Fair’s “International Best Dressed Celebrity List,” once described how comfortable it is to wear cashmere, “I don’t believe in God, I only believe in cashmere, the best cashmere sweater, better than the warmest hug.” ”

Strong elasticity, can be taken out and worn repeatedly every year, as long as the maintenance is properly maintained, the texture is still as new, so it has become a must-have in the wardrobe of many women who pursue the texture of dressing.

The high-grade texture of cashmere sweater fabric often makes us forget the layout of the clothing, so many cashmere sweaters are designed to be the most classic, attractive, and timeless look. For example, the Brunello Cucinelli cashmere sweater, which is familiar with the Italian luxury brand and is known as the “king of cashmere”, is mostly a solid color, or it is the enduring Jacquard style of Fairisle.

Brunello Cucinelli Fall/Winter 2019 collection

So is Scotland’s cashmere brand Johnstons of Elgin, which is more than 200 years old.

And Loro Piana, a brand that has been in the cashmere field for many years, is still the same, and will not let cashmere sweaters become obsolete.

These brands casually cost about 20,000, which is still more difficult for the average person to accept, so today Hishop has found some cashmere brands that are close to the people, and hurry up to buy one before winter comes!

These cashmere brands are marked up

China is the country with the highest cashmere production in the world, the total output of cashmere accounts for more than 70% of the world, and more than 50% of high-quality cashmere is produced in Inner Mongolia, so geographically speaking, China’s original designer brands have many advantages. In the production process, there are a lot less unnecessary expenses, and the pricing is naturally more close to the people, and the price of cashmere sweaters is about 1,000 yuan.

Continental liter

Founded in 2017, Continental is an original designer brand in China, focusing on cashmere fabrics.

The manager wants cashmere to get rid of the “underwear” label, so their cashmere sweater has bright colors, dares to destroy the design, uses exaggerated contrasting techniques, integrates the emotional colors of adolescence, regret, continuation and other emotional colors into the design, interpreting the unfinished adolescence.

This season also introduces a pink color that captures all your girly hearts, with light blocks colliding with each other, and the fun and beauty are online.

Zhousheng RMB 2365

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Zhou Sheng 1605 RMB

Zhou Sheng 2555 RMB


BYARN is a mother-daughter co-created brand, the overall style is relatively atmospheric and mature, whether it is commuting or going out on the street.

Warm brown is also a natural color system that BYARN has always admired, and this warm color system is also suitable for the upcoming autumn and winter.



This season’s more popular small cardigan BYARN also has it, Chinese color matching meets V-neck, strip texture and button embellishment, piping design into it, elegant and intellectual.



Some time ago, many of the knitwear worn by Tao Hong in “It’s Good” came from Ms Min, and the silhouette of their knitted cashmere sweater had a relatively big womanly atmosphere.

Ms MIN is a haute couture brand founded in 2010 by designer Min (Liu Min), who graduated from the London College of Fashion. The opportunity to study in London allowed him to gain an internship at Viktor & Rolf fashion house, and after returning to China, he joined PORTS as a womenswear designer. This also laid the foundation for his design style of Ms Min, just as the brand name derives: the word Ms. is derived from Mrs. and Miss


, the designer hopes to create the most suitable oriental dress for independent urban women.

Ms MIN 4800 RMB

The cashmere sweater is mainly based on the basic fit, the only difference is in the color, decoration, Ms MIN is very bold, which is also due to his design concept: simple in rich, soft with fortitude, classic in the modern.

Ms MIN 13,500 RMB

For about 100 yuan, we can buy cashmere blended materials, which will be harder and stiffer, but it is also a material that is not easy to deform.

C+ Impress 339 RMB

Composition: 70% sheep wool

% cashmere

Undaunted 680 RMB

Fancy planting grass these styles

Macaron color system

This season, autumn and winter colors have always been the mainstream, and a simple crewneck or small V-neck macaron cashmere sweater, paired with wide-leg pants or umbrella skirts, can give a relaxed and gentle feeling.

Joseph 1298 RMB after 7 discounts

Jardin des Orangers 1813 RMB after 7 discounts

Bottega Veneta 5852 RMB

High collar

The high-neck style cashmere sweater is enduring, and if you want to have a strong sense of fashion, you can stack it with a casual blazer or long trench coat, and the effect is quite outstanding.

Ryan Roche 3599 RMB

Chloé 5927 RMB

Moonhee 1425 RMB

Cardigan style

The short cashmere cardigan has a retro feel, and girls who can hit can safely copy Bella Hadid’s street outfit.

Bella Hadid

The colorful style also has a street template, and Gigi and Liu Wen have chosen the “combination brand” of white T-shirt + jeans, which is quite comfortable and energetic.

Gigi Hadid

Caroline Constas

10 RMB

Miu Miu 5927 RMB

Zhou Sheng 3390 RMB

The good temperament of women is half given by cashmere sweaters, do you think it is right?

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Yuan Quan







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