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Sleep quality is closely related to our health, in order to improve your sleep quality, people began to pay attention to the choice of mattresses. In numerous materials, latex mattresses out. So what is the understanding of the latex mattress?


Advantages of latex mattress

l has excellent support


It helps to join the torso and buttocks, such as uniform stress, maintain normal physiological curvature of the spine;

l Have a good fitness

No noise, no vibration, can’t cause interference to bed when turning over;

l is good for breathability

Countless honeycomb air holes can promote the hot and moisture from the discharge of the human body, improve the comfort of sleep;

Today, Xiaobi took everyone to give a well-known brand Yalan, Jinhai Mart, Music, Xilin, Sweety, and Sweetnight Latex mattress. The following is a comprehensive ranking.

Overall rating:

From the comprehensive score, the top three of the ranking is:

喜 临 门 – White Knight, Jinhai Ma – 6 degrees 2S, Yalan – Dream

. Among them, it is 92 points, and the Jinhai Mart and Yalans are 88 points and 86 points respectively. Three latex mattresses, fitness, support, anti-interference resistance in 5 products, are favored by consumers!



Golden Hai Ma – 6 degree 2S latex mattress naturally lateral content is higher than 92%, while ensuring soft and comfortable lack of latex mattress, it can provide strong support to the human body, and better stability is more durable. Pressing instant rebound, quickly bear the human body, anti-interference is better.


Golden Horse – 6 degrees 2S

Hi Denge – White Knight, also uses natural latex, but the latex content is greater than 91%, which is slightly lower than the golden sea horses. Pulling the mattress can feel good toughness, no slag, not easy to break. In addition, it is also possible to use independent support, so anti-interference is also possible.

Hi Linmen – White Knight



Jinhai Martial-6 degrees 2S and Yalan – Dream milk thickness difference is not large, at 1 cm, but the surface layer is thick and comfortable, sleep is moderately soft, bonded to body curve, support for most people . In terms of the two, the latex content of Jinhai Ma-six-degree 2S is relatively high, up to 92%, better back elasticity, obvious confrontation, support is the best in five brands, the human body is lying after long time It will not be depressed, and the body provides a proper support.

Yalan – Dream

Mattress cost price

The same is 1.8m * 2m, thickness in the mattress of 22-28cm, Sweetnight-Barbie, Yulinmen – White Knight, Jinhai Martial – 6 degrees 2S three cost performance is higher, regardless of material or price, worth consumers choice.

Golden Horse – 6 degrees 2S