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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

In recent days, I have brushed a lot of reports about locking doors in individual communities in Qian’an, as a citizen of Qian’an, I would like to share my opinion.

First, because the epidemic is relatively serious, in the case of repeated orders from the government and the community, there are still people who ignore the lockdown policy and go downstairs to move, it is possible, what is said here is that it may cause the spread of the epidemic, so in order to absolutely isolate at home, the strategy of blocking the door is also a helpless move.

Second, it is undeniable that blocking the door to the house may indeed cause sudden diseases or other emergencies such as fires and earthquakes that people are worried about, which is also a place that is not considered.

Third, if you don’t need to lock the door, just put a police warning strip on the outside, and have regular volunteer inspections, it can also play a role.

Fourth, the original intention of locking the door is also for the health of the general public, which should be understood, but there are opinions that can also be reflected, the government is people-oriented and serves the people.

Fifth, some foreigners on the Internet, for this matter, have a very bad impression of Qian’an, just imagine, in your local, when the epidemic spreads rapidly, the government will take what measures will be taken in order to control the epidemic as soon as possible, in order to allow the people to move freely as soon as possible, so that the people can return to work, and so that individual businesses can operate normally?

Sixth, after the incident, the government also actively corrected and decided to use scientific and technological means to replace unreasonable lock doors, which is progress and worthy of praise.

Finally, I hope that in the current epidemic, we will all be more tolerant and strive for early zeroing, and I also want to climb the Great Wall and see the green mountains and clear waters.

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