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Autumn and winter are coming

Knitwear is starting to make its way back to the public eye

A knitted vest vest that has been interpreted by Star Street since last year

It’s the perfect choice for autumn and winter

From Kendall Jenner in Beverly Hills to popular street stars such as Asian fashion masters Jennie, Hyunya, Ni Ni, they have all put on different styles of knitted vests. In this season, when the Y2K wind is booming, the knitted vest that is full of “daddy flavor” has had a different visual impact under the interpretation of various street shooting bloggers and stars. Even in the transition from early to late autumn, both inside and outside, it shows us different possibilities.

Kendall paired two knitwear with different weaves to instantly enhance the vintage feel.

Jennie’s Thousand Island check with a long white shirt is not only suitable for traveling, but also for commuting.

Xinya, who has a strong personal style, wears a high-waisted model, which is also very innovative when worn alone as an underwear.

Jennie also put on this patchwork knit, which has a gentle preppy feel.

And Ni Ni’s body has a de-gendered heroic atmosphere, and the same color outfit can be equally layered even if it is a daily color,

Simple solid color is the least picky basic style, especially when you feel bored wearing a white shirt and white T-shirt alone, with such a knitted vest, it will immediately look temperamental.

The gray loose and slouchy model is the closest to the daddy flavor and is also loved by fashion bloggers. Whether it’s a plaid shirt skirt or a white shirt, it adds a lot of style.

The white version is extremely malleable, and the dark shirt will look smart in the workplace, while the light blue puff sleeve shirt will immediately look fresh again.

The black version is more calm and atmospheric, with a white shirt or white T-shirt inside, a simple black and white color contrast, echoing inside and outside, enhancing the high-end sense of the entire LOOK.

If you don’t just want to go the safe route, you can also try brightly colored styles, such as red or Klein blue, and wear a random Mom Jeans and a pair of vintage sneakers.

The fresh and solid color model is sweet but not greasy, and the retro feeling is not as good as other color systems, but it will look young and energetic.

The Y2K trend also brings cropped pieces with an open waist back into the public eye, and when the two retro elements of the open waist and vest collide, it becomes easier to catch the eye.

Styles with lattice patterns or vintage d├ęcor, with pleated skirts, are very preppy hot girls.

Areas that have cooled down and don’t fit your waist, try pairing it with a wide belt underneath or a white shirt with ruffles underneath.

The horizontal stripes echo the color of the earrings and shoes, and there is an uninhibited cool feeling with leather pants.

The striped shirt and wide-leg pants are also layered, and even the basic color will immediately add a sense of fashion through this combination.

Although the jacquard style is more testing the matching skills for collocation, it is obviously more popular with various female stars in street photography.

Whether it is a checkered pattern, colorful stripe or animal pattern, it is full of retro feeling, and it is more compatible with leather pants, checked pants, corduroy and other items.

It girl Alexa Chung has a Christmas animal pattern on the upper body, which is very suitable for the upcoming festive atmosphere.

Kendall chose a colourful wide-striped seahorse fur with green cargo khaki pants and loafers, and even imagined a windbreaker.

The Thousand Island check is perfect for layering over basic white shirts, skirts, jeans… It also makes sense with almost all types of bottoms.

The seahorse hair style is very warm, it feels like a cross-season piece that can be worn from autumn to winter, and it is full of wide-leg checked pants, and it adds some personality with leather pants, and it feels very suitable for the sisters in the two broad regions to spend autumn.

The style with simple jacquard and hemming is more suitable for girls with a tough style, and it is full of air with mopping wide-leg pants.

Adam Lippes; Jason Wu; The Row

In addition to the interpretation of street photography bloggers, many brands on the runway this season have also used this item, with printed skirts, skirts, wide-leg pants, etc., and no one says that the knitted vest is a grandmother style at the bottom of the box.

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Louis Vuitton

In early autumn, when the temperature difference between morning and evening is large

and late autumn when indoor and outdoor wear and doffing are frequent

A knitted vest with a coat

You can make a whole look

Improve the sense of layering and chic

Get yourself one