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After the sting, it’s spring blossoms! Want to go to enjoy the flowers, watch the sky and clouds in nature, and spend a leisurely weekend? Bring a hammock and those wishes come true!

But after seeing so many hammocks, I don’t know how to choose, what to do? KingCamp has this article for you – dry goods knowledge about choosing a hammock! If you want to add a hammock, you must read this article!

When choosing a hammock, consider the following:

1. Width

Hammocks are divided into single and double rooms, with double hammocks being wider. If you want more comfort, you can choose a double hammock, which is more space and comfortable.

2. Length

Compared with the width, the length of the hammock changes very little, basically 2 meters or more, which can meet the needs of ordinary people. If you are taller, remember to choose a hammock that is at least 6cm longer than your height.

3. Purpose

Weight is a key consideration for trekking or hiking, so choose a lighter hammock; And for self-driving camping, you can ignore the weight and consider comfort first, then you can choose a hammock with wooden sticks or steel structure support, or directly choose a self-supporting hammock with KingCamp!

4. Fabrics

There are three common hammock fabrics:

Cotton: Cotton is a traditional material used to make hammocks (whether rope or fabric) and is characterized by its softness and comfort;

Reticulated: ventilated, breathable, quick-drying, very suitable for use by the sea, lake or pool;

Polyester: Lightweight, quick-drying, easy to clean, very durable and fade-resistant, it is also a common hammock material.

Although the hang tag does not indicate all the information of the fabric, one indicator of the condition of the fabric is Den (Denier), which is a direct measure of linear density. Simply put, the higher the Den value, the stronger the fabric.

5. Equipped with insect screen and canopy

In summer, there are many mosquitoes outdoors, especially when there are many trees. To ensure that you are not bitten by mosquitoes while resting, choose a hammock with an insect screen and a canopy. For example, this KingCamp new hammock, a hammock for 2 people, with an anti-mosquito mesh setting; Made of tear-resistant nylon material, easy to clean and quick to dry; It can bear 250KG.

6. Eco-friendly suspension system

Most hammocks include straps with a sufficient strength rating. For environmental reasons, choose a rope with a flatter and wider structure, and use a cross-winding method that takes up more area to prevent the rope from getting too thin and sticking into the tree.

Well, that’s it for today’s article! Do you know how to choose a hammock?