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For many women, as they grow older, many people begin to fear aging, so they begin to use a variety of skin care products to maintain their own luster and maintain the radiance of their skin; However, some people are not afraid of the passing of time, but become more intellectual and generous through the accumulation of age, which is fascinating, such as Dong Qing, Liu Fangfei, and Zhou Tao. They often have a unique temperament coupled with a high standard of dressing style, which can always show the elegance and charm of temperamental women.

When it comes to Dong Qing, everyone must be familiar with it, as a sister in the hosting industry, her temperament and talent are admired by many people, even the dressing style gives people an atmospheric and elegant feeling, and the hosting style exudes gentle atmosphere and knowledge. Dong Qing has hosted many programs, such as “Reader”, “Poetry Conference” and other rave reviews, and recently Dong Qing launched another program online, partnering Nigmat; In the show, Dong Qing’s temperament is extremely good, wearing a cotton and linen white skirt is elegant and vulgar, such a femininity is really amazing.

This look is really beautiful, wearing a white cotton and linen long skirt is intellectual and dignified. Fresh and elegant off-white dresses are very popular in summer, off-white will look gentle and very set off the skin tone, many women are favored by this cool and clean color;

The cotton and linen material is comfortable and breathable, and the skin-friendliness is especially good, if you are sensitive skin, you must not miss it.

The collar contrast splicing design of Dong Qing’s long dress is very special, breaking the monotony of pure colors, and also adding a sense of design to the whole, fashionable and capable without losing formality, full of femininity.

Silk scarf is also a style favored by many mature women, its biggest role is to put the finishing touch to the overall look, the texture of the scarf is usually made of silk, very light and thin, even in summer can be used in a variety of decorations, can highlight their temperament well.

There are many ways to tie silk scarves, small bows, small flat knots are suitable for round necks or shirt collars; Small tie knots and Hermès knots are more suitable for open necklines such as V-necks, like Dong Qing’s necklace knots, and they are also more suitable for a relatively open neckline,

Of course, you can also adjust the height of the scarf according to your own preferences and accessories.

Dresses made of cotton and linen are generally loose fit, and can be worn with belts, waist ropes or metal buckles at the waist, which not only cinch the waist to appear thinner, but also mark the waist line higher.

It can be seen that a small waist plays an extremely important role in collocation. Dong Qing’s cotton and linen long skirt is paired with a waist rope of the same cotton and linen, and the two are matched with close colors, which looks high-grade while also using color shades to highlight the layer, and the overall matching is very advanced. The overall loose feeling is basically not picky, and slightly fat women can easily copy.

It is also very common to use the same fabric and material as a belt to achieve the waist effect and make the overall sense stronger.

Many middle-aged women will prefer long styles in the choice of skirts, because long skirts will have a good modification of the figure, and they are very intentional to cover the thick or imperfect legs. As a representative of intellectual women, Dong Qing will choose the style of long skirt when attending many events, and girls who want to try long skirt can refer to Dong Qing’s matching!

To enhance the design, the belt can also be replaced by a metal buckle, which is more quality than other materials and is more fashionable.

Of course, it is also easy to be more visually eye-catching, and it is not recommended if you have a small belly. Especially like Dong Qing is paired with a pleated skirt design with a sense of expansion, the chance of stepping on thunder together is higher. If the skirt is bright, it is recommended to use silver metal, so as not to be obtrusive. If it is a dark garment, gold or metal buckles of the same color will work better together.

Dong Qing has always carried the temperament of “poetry and book in the belly”, has hosted many programs and has been loved a lot, even the taste of clothing is so fashionable and high-class, always revealing the charm of intellectual generosity, gentle temperament, such a host everyone loves?

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Dong Qing’s temperament is too good, wearing a cotton and linen white skirt is elegant and vulgar, such a femininity is really amazing