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Lace is an important element in the fashion industry,

Lace styles first appeared for European royal families, but slowly entered the homes of ordinary people.

Lace is really a girly and mature element,

People of all ages can wear lace-element clothing

, Even grandmothers still want to wear cute and beautiful clothes like girls.

There are also many female stars in the entertainment industry who like to wear lace clothing,

For example, female star Ye Xuan is one of them

, you can refer to Ye Xuan’s collocation.

Don’t look at Ye Xuan’s handsome looks, but wearing a lace skirt is also very charming, and the curves are really sultry, so Ye Xuan’s clothes are not convinced, the lace short skirt seems to be unconservative, but adding a layer of yarn is quite noble.

Specific introduction to lace elements

The scene where lace elements are used the most

Lace elements are often used in many short sleeves and skirts,

But if we talk about the first use case, it is the skirt,

And until now, the lace on the skirt is everyone’s favorite.

Many dresses will choose to use whole or part of lace,

The dress will look very feminine and romantic, so which of your favorite pieces of lace is used in your clothes?

Skirt feature of lace style

If all the lace is used to make the dress, then the skirt must be very distinctive.

The upper body of the skirt can adopt the effect of a sheer skirt,

On the upper body of the skirt, first use flesh-colored tulle, and then make the shape of the skirt.

Then add lace to the tulle,

Some lace and whole pieces are designed to cover important areas

And to ensure the safety of girls, such a design method is not very bold and sexy.

The girl who dares to wear this style of skirt is really courageous,

And have enough confidence in your figure

, otherwise the aura of the skirt will not be reflected at all. The shoulder strap position of the skirt can also be in the shape of the suspenders, which will be more sexy.

Details of the skirt

The details on the skirt are really one after another.

The hem of the skirt can be the shape of the A-line skirt,

Such a skirt can better reflect your figure advantages, and the goddess with fat hips and crotch does not have to worry about the trouble of wearing bloated.

You can add a gold belt to the waist of the skirt,

This distinction will be more obvious. The print on the skirt can be three-dimensional, a model made of lace one by one.

Standing on the skirt, it is very three-dimensional and really realistic.

The upper body lace effect of the skirt is sexy,

The lace effect on the lower body is gentle.

Color selection of the skirt

The reason for choosing aqua blue is that this color looks really girly, very princess-like, and elegant,

Suitable for more important occasions.

Aqua blue is not only suitable for girls, but also very suitable for mature girls.

This color will be shiny in light,

Even some materials have this color reflective,

Especially with the effect of a puffy skirt, the skirt is really beautiful.

The overall temperament of the skirt

A fairy fluttering skirt is really temperamental to wear,

The design of the lace makes the whole skirt win in design,

The layers of lace make the skirt extremely rich, and it is also interesting and charming to look at. With a pair of white shallow heels, it is really suitable to wear to parties.

There is more than one lace-style dress

One-shoulder lace dress

If you want to talk about elegant rankings, then the shoulder must be the one on the list, what girl who has mixed in the fashion industry has not worn a one-shoulder dress?

The straight design of the shoulders makes your whole temperament stand out.

Even if it is trapezius, wearing a dress with a shoulder will still make you beautiful. It is more inclusive of your figure than the bandeau style, and it is also more generous.

Some of the shoulder necklines don’t have any personality design,

However, some will use pleated designs to make the skirt three-dimensional. And if the neckline is wider, it will also have a certain modification effect on your big arms.

The lace on the shoulders at the neckline is a testament to how much attention to detail can be.

The skirt fit with a cinched waist is just right to show off your good figure

, black elegant fashion, you only know when you put on the dress.

Patchwork lace maxi dress

I don’t know if there will be girls who like the neckline of the skirt is a Bra-shaped design,

It will look bold and innovative

From a distance, you may think that you are realizing the trendy way to wear underwear, but it is actually the characteristic of skirts.

And the upper body of the entire skirt can adopt that tunic shape

, This idea makes the whole skirt shine brightly, which is very attractive, and the special detail feature is that the skirt also has a cinched waist.

The skirt of the skirt can be a tulle skirt,

This will make the skirt more feminine

, also more romantic. Some also use another flesh-colored tulle on the shoulder area of the skirt, which seems to have an invisible effect, but this is not the case.

Slip lace dress

The lace skirt of the suspender is really a very dreamy skirt,

Wearing a dress like this will make you feel that your whole person has become different.

The design of the suspenders makes it possible to choose a rectangular neckline very boldly.

Such a neckline will maximize your collarbone,

Even vaguely you will see the business line,

It’s really sultry. The lace of the skirt can take the shape of a side strip.

For example

Design the straps of the skirt and the stripes on the skirt into a lace style

, but the other parts are still normal design, such a technique although there is not a lot of lace, but the gentleness is in place.

The skirt can be a small skirt of shorts,

The tulle material adds lightness and freshness to the skirt.

When choosing colors, you should also reflect your own careful thinking, the warmth of ginger will make your sexiness less aggressive.

Lace elements are really ubiquitous in our daily lives, would you like to wear lace-style dresses? Or other lace items. Girls who haven’t tried lace yet, hurry up and try it too!