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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The wallet is a personal item. It’s even more private than your phone, and your wallet not only represents your identity, but also your tastes, personal habits, and other details that you don’t seem to want to turn off at all. Scarecrow’s handbag, classic bag shape, exquisite workmanship, especially face-saving in the hand, exudes the unique charm of men.

The leather of this handbag is made of the first layer of cowhide, the material itself has a noble atmosphere, the classic black is low-key and luxurious, it feels very delicate to the touch, the length is about 20 cm, just the size of a palm, it is light and convenient to hold in the hand. The body of the bag has the embossing of ears of wheat, which brings a good sense of design to the whole bag.

When opening the zipper, it is very easy and smooth, the rectangular body can also better contain the items, and when put inside, it can be more flat, reduce creases, and the inside is an overall orderly partition, which can be placed according to different needs, avoiding mutual wear and tear between various items, and it is more convenient to handle.

Don’t look at the size of this bag is not very large, the design of the organ pleats makes this bag hold more items to meet more needs, and the handbag is also intimately equipped with a wrist strap, which is more convenient to carry, and it is a good way to avoid the handbag falling or missing.

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