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Speaking of Xiao Zhan, everyone must be no stranger, amateur debut, his film and television achievements in recent years are also surprising, and now he has also become a male artist loved by many people, because his high appearance is known as the most “youthful” actor, and he is a designer who is more professional in clothing matching, and almost all of his outfits are recognized by many people as textbook matching.

Xiao Zhan In a previous program, the styling of each episode will be the focus of the audience,

Among them, the corduroy matching is really impressive, and the handsome and cute shape is very boyish,

Next, I will introduce Xiao Zhan’s corduroy outfit and other styling matches, male friends who don’t know how to match quickly learn!

Corduroy outfit sharing

The corduroy material is still relatively special, because its surface is not smooth,

But there are many short-melt elements composed of the texture surface, a closer look will be a lot of straight lines, special short-melt design texture lines sometimes look like an inflated texture, so everyone try to use conventional thinner stripes when matching,

This will weaken the swollen visual sense to a certain extent,

Especially slightly fat boys, don’t miss it.

The material of corduroy is very thick, which is very suitable in autumn and winter, but it is also possible

There will be a feeling of bulkiness, so it is recommended that you start with a piece with a more structured material that will be perfectly balanced.

For the color system, actually

Brown-red or camel color will have a warmer feeling, and to a certain extent, it also has the effect of improving skin tone, even people with black and yellow skin can safely choose its color corduroy. However, if you don’t know how to match corduroy items, you can choose a complete corduroy set when you start

Save a lot of trouble for everyone’s collocation.

If you want to wear the “big boy” style, you must find the most suitable items in the material, color system and style, many of Xiao Zhan’s outfits are almost directly copied and pasted shapes, let’s take a look at more of his outfits!

Daily wear sharing


Sequin jacket + black slim pants


Sequin elements are really very eye-catching, and can also perfectly enhance people’s complexion, which can be completely selected when they are plain or have a bad complexion

Design of sequin elements. And short

The jacket can visually raise the waistline, and it is recommended that people of five or five figures can match it more. I hope you can learn the rule of dressing “light up and dark down”, the lower body can be matched with dark pants will be very layered, and at the same time it has a very thin effect on men with slightly fat legs.

2. White suit suit

Men always have a refreshing and youthful feeling when matching white, and it is recommended that young men choose more white.

It is recommended that people with a slightly fat body can start with a more slim and casual jacket style, which can perfectly modify a smoother body shape, after all, white does not have the effect of thinning. Slightly loose suit pants are suitable for people with ugly leg shapes, but try to avoid too wide leg designs,

Otherwise, there will be a very loose feeling.

3. Gray-green leisure set

Casual sets can be chosen when you are resting or gathering, and the gray-green color system is very suitable for fair-skinned people to match, so black and yellow skin in the case of plain makeup remember to avoid lightning.

Tops can be started

Match a more close-fitting shirt, comfort can also set off the perfect silhouette

Wide-leg pants are very suitable for men with unsightly leg curves or thick legs, and can be perfectly covered

Deficiencies in stature,

It is recommended that people with shorter legs can try to choose the design of trouser leg mopping, which will show the length of the leg more.

4. Preppy jacket + gray wide-leg pants

The preppy coat is really an age-reducing artifact, and it is recommended to like it


People who wear wind must start, dark coats have an extremely obvious thinning effect, which is very suitable for men with slightly fat figures

Go with options, while

People with ugly hip lines are recommended to choose a fit with a hem length that extends beyond the hips.

The gray pants have a sense of stability,

It is very suitable for the dressing choice of men in the workplace, and it is recommended that people with thick legs wear wide-legged fit design,

It will modify the imperfect body more.

5. Blue sweatshirt + white pants

The light blue sweatshirt is full of youthful feeling, which is very suitable for everyone to match when playing or leisure,

It is recommended that slightly fat people can choose a slightly looser fit, but men who are too fat still try not to choose blue, it is recommended to choose a darker color, otherwise it will be visually fatter.

The white pants are very simple,

But it is also not suitable for people with too thick legs to match, the long trouser leg design can visually stretch the leg line excellently, it is recommended that people with a shorter lower body must also remember to start.

6. White coat + black trousers

Black and white matching, whether male or female, is fashionable and versatile, so

When you encounter a tangled collocation in your daily life, you can choose the classic combination of black and white, and you will never go wrong.

Still is

It is recommended to choose the upper body white line will be more coordinated,

Men’s coat

It is recommended that you choose a knee-length hem to expose a calf that visually stretches the overall figure, and dark pants are also very suitable for people with thick legs.

It can have a very obvious slimming effect!

7. Red jacket + black pants

The combination of red and black is also very classic,

It is recommended that people with darker skin tones can try more red coats, which can set off the skin very white, and the short coat design can also lengthen the length of the lower body very well, perfectly showing the “long legs”

déjà vu. Black trousers are probably the most common matching item for men.

It is recommended that you can buy a few more slim black pants, which are versatile and have a thin effect.

8. Gray suit

The gray suit represents a calm and atmospheric temperament, and it is not picky for the age of men, and it is suitable for almost every stage.

It is also the most professional color in the suit, and it is recommended that men in the workplace prepare more for themselves. The shape of the blazer is recommended to choose a design with padded shoulders, which will appear more upright, which is very suitable for people with sliding shoulders.

Workplace pants are also recommended not to choose loose designs, especially for people with shorter legs to wear a smoother and slender format

, can highlight the neat temperament on the whole.

Xiao Zhan’s rules of dressing are almost it

Material, color system and style will be more suitable for their own collocation, the effect presented is also very attractive, men’s clothing is actually more often to reflect the temperament must be neat and atmospheric, so in the shape must not be ignored,

I believe that after reading the above introduction, you have also obtained a lot of other dressing skills, you may wish to share them with you!