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Survey on appearance anxiety:

95% of people are dissatisfied with their figure

This really shocked me, in the American movies I used to watch, women gave me the impression of being very confident, it seems that now appearance anxiety has risen to a global problem!

In fact, the perfect body in life is only possessed by a few people, and most of them are exercised through their own hard work.

From the perspective of a fashion blogger, if ordinary people can’t change their body in a short period of time, we can only do it through dressing and styling

Try to get as close as possible to the sense of atmosphere you are expecting

If you don’t pay attention to external grooming, even the appearance of the fairy sister will be difficult to hold!

To say

Highlight femininity

, the dress is my most recommended item to everyone.

Whether it is mature feminine charm or cute young girl, it can be created effortlessly!

And dresses are also a minority in my opinion

It’s less difficult to match and less error-prone

of pieces.

Let’s take a look at what dresses are worth buying in autumn and winter?!


Sweater dress

A sweater dress should be in a dress

The warmest

, and the overall color system is a solid color biased towards the Morandi color system, and there will be no too fancy styles or colors.

For the first time, you can start with a vest-style sweater skirt, generally not alone,

Layer over a shirt

Or a thin base.

If you are very confident in your figure, you may wish to try this

Complex cut and the overall fit is narrow


This kind of ratio requirements will be relatively high, like

Girls with apple-shaped bodies or fake crotch width

Putting it on is a disaster.

But once you control it, the queen of temperament is definitely you, and wearing a coat casually can’t stop your aura when the weather is cold.

Many girls will worry about whether it will be cold to wear skirts in autumn and winter, so don’t worry.

As long as you want to wear it, there is a way!

If you take the cute route, you can try to match it with a bread suit, which suddenly masks the seriousness of the sweater dress.

Not only cotton clothing, but also loose coats!

This turmeric color is very bright in autumn and winter, and it can be used in medium and long lengths

Cover all the flesh

The hem reveals the sweater skirt, all in one

It appears harmonious and textured

, proper rich money!


Denim dress

Have you noticed that in autumn and winter, most people on the street wear loose and crumbly, although it is very comfortable and soft to wrap in several layers, but we still have to consider the beauty after all.

If you wish

The shape is more three-dimensional and warmer

Then try a denim dress, you will never be disappointed!

This stand-up collar shirt-type denim skirt

It is more suitable for the little cutie with a slender neck

, to a certain extent, modify the neck line, so that the body proportion is more coordinated!

If yes

The upper body is fatter and the neck is short

, that square collar is your good choice.

This kind of dark hard fabric clothes will look very thin, and when the weather is cold, you can put on a tweed coat or down jacket.

If you have a denim skirt at home, you may wish to try it like this:

Bottom with a turtleneck and a knitted sweater on the outside

, simply not too warm.

And this combination of coffee and apricot color,

Reduces the toughness of denim skirts

, the whole person looks bright and sunny, and the little sun on earth is talking about you.

The lower body is very loose and will not be hindered by the figure at all,

Thick legs, not straight legs

can be worn.

Denim skirts with suspenders can also be very temperamental, such as this one

Large V-neck design

, it is very suitable for women in the workplace to wear, and it will not reveal a sense of childishness.

If you want the overall gentle direction, you can make a fuss about the color of bags and shoes,

Light coffee or brown

It’s all your choice!


Floral dress

Usually when we talk about the color of autumn and winter, most of the things we think of are black, white and gray, at most there is a khaki, brown, and few people will say bright.

But if you eat too much vegetarian dishes, you still want to open some meat, and the same is true for dressing,

Always wearing darkly, the whole person also becomes spiritless

At this time, a floral dress is needed to save you!

Obviously, the material of broken flowers is relatively thin, and if you want to make the broken flower dress shine in autumn and winter, it is only

Take advantage of layering techniques

For example, if you go cute, you can choose a short skirt, plus a pair of leggings and a tweed coat, this combination is already very autumn and winter.

No matter how cold the play, you can wear it with a scarf, or a floral skirt, and you can also layer a knitted vest.

Have you found that the heroines in Korean dramas are all weak truth, goodness and beauty, and the second female is a powerful rich family.

This body is completely the look of the second woman, to

Pink adds some small polkadots to the base

, the whole person is very colorful.

Because the inner layer is already very eye-catching, you can use this deerskin beige color on the jacket, and the style can also be simpler,

Reveal the waistline of the skirt inside

, the long legs are immediately there!

The floral dress is also a great underwear companion for us.

Usually when wearing an overcoat, is it very depressed, how to dress differently from others, and the foreign style is still good-looking.

Oh, this set is.

The cuffs and neckline partially reveal a little floral element,

Immediately let a very ordinary coat have a different effect, fashion sense rubbed up!


Solid color dress

In addition to the above three specific fabrics and elements, I believe that there are some in the hands of cuties

Very basic fit color dress

, but I don’t know how to match it.

Today, the grain will be shown to you in a solid color!


Whether a dress can be praised is actually to see if it can add bricks to your outfit,

Improve complexion and modification ratio

etc. are very good performance.

If it’s a very ordinary dress,

Try adding a belt

, in the case of the coat open, it is a plus, and discerning people know that they have intentions to wear at a glance!

If you want to highlight this small detail, you can

The choice and dress color contrast greatly

Try to look at it in the same color as the coat, and you will have unexpected surprises!


Whether it is a sweater layered shirt or a layered dress, the little cuties must keep in mind that if you don’t know how to wear it, this formula is enough for you to shine!

It’s just that you need to put a lot of thought into the color, color

Do not over-saturate with saturation

Yes, or refer to the Morandi color system, with some grayscale colors, the effect will be better!

This slip dress is also a big artifact for layering in autumn and winter, whether it is layered shirts, T-shirts or sweatshirts.

If the upper body is flat, it doesn’t matter if you can use a more complex inner layer; But if the upper body has more meat, you must remember it

The cut should be simple, and the color scheme should be as dark as possible

The 4 different styles of dresses in winter have been sorted out for you, so if you don’t have inspiration in dressing, collect them quickly, and take them out if you have nothing to do!

Still that sentence,

There are no ugly women, only lazy women

。 If you want to get rid of appearance anxiety, you still have to start with yourself, a suitable eye-catching outfit can help you 780%, makeup and hairstyle have also been shared with you before, all combined to create a best yourself!