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Source: Chengdu Business Daily

Strange high-end electronic combination locks installed in the community Many people were “bitten hands”

The owner demonstrates the electronic combination lock installed in the complex “bite the hand”

Recently, some Chengdu citizens reported that the door lock of the new home that was handed over not long ago. The problem is that it is not a single household who reflects, but that the door lock is uniformly configured by the community developer, and several other residents in the community have been “bitten” by this electronic code lock, and even “bitten”.

As the owner said, this electronic combination lock called Yale brand seems to be easier to “bite” when closing the door, because it is not a traditional turning door handle, and when the resident closes the door, he can only pull the door with the help of the inner shell of the combination lock, so it is easy to be clipped.

The reporter found that the model of this combination lock was displayed on the official website of its brand, but it was not sold in the online store. A staff member of the Yale offline store located in Chengdu Fusen Mei Home No. 2 store told reporters that the electronic combination lock is only suitable for single doors, and if other types of doors are to be installed, the usual way of opening the door should be changed.

The owner reported that the new house combination lock “bites” the hand

The owner, Mr. Liu (pseudonym), said that on the day he recently closed the house, he was pinched by this door lock.

On the same day, when he opened the door and entered the house, when he closed the door because there was no door handle, when he held the door lock (inner shell) with his right hand and pulled it in, the index finger of his right hand was just located at the seam of the door of the mother-daughter door [special double leaf opposite door, a narrow door leaf (sub-door) and a wide door leaf (mother door)]. Mr. Liu said that a sharp pain struck, fortunately there was no bleeding, but there was redness and pain.

Mr. Liu posted his experience in the group of owners, which attracted discussion among the owners. Unexpectedly, many owners reported that with this smart door lock there was also a situation of finger clamping, and two owners even sent photos of their fingers being clamped by the door lock and bleeding, “It seems that I am not the only one who is clamped, nor the most clamped.” Mr. Liu said that his renovation workers had also been pinched on their fingers when opening the door.

Mr. Liu even summarized the “method” of not being clamped: “If you close the door with your left hand, your hand is on the left side of the door lock at this time, and you will not be pinched; Close with your right hand, and it is easy to get pinched. The point is that I can’t tell every guest in my house, ‘Shut the door with your left hand, or you will be pinched’. ”

Reporter investigation Online stores are not sold

On April 1, the reporter came to the community to visit the site and found that the door lock equipped in the community was a Yale brand electronic combination lock, the model was YMG40. The reporter randomly knocked on several residents who were being renovated, and some decoration workers told the reporter that they had also been clamped by this door lock and demonstrated it to the reporter on the spot.

The reporter noticed that this lock is different from the common electronic code lock, there is no design door handle, and you only need to hold the push and pull above the door lock when entering and exiting the door.

Subsequently, the reporter checked the brand’s official website and found that its product display had this model YMG40 smart password lock, but then clicked on the link of its online Taobao store, there was no this one for sale, most of the smart locks sold were equipped with rotating handles, and there was no such model for sale in the flagship store of Jingdong Yale electronic locks.

The customer service of Taobao’s Yale flagship store told reporters that there is no such model for sale online, and all the products sold are new. The customer service of another Taobao store told reporters that because there were too many problems with this electronic combination lock, they had not been on this one, and suggested that the reporter consider other models.

On platforms such as Zhihu and Black Cat Complaints, the reporter found that there were also some complaints about the electronic password lock clamping hands.

On Zhihu, a netizen named “Tianliza” was answering, “What are the seemingly subtle designs that are actually stupid?” “When questioned, Yale electronic combination lock YMG40 was listed. In the picture issued by it, shown on the sales page of Amazon China’s official website, the introduction of this model of combination lock specifically remarks “breaking the cumbersome history of traditional ‘handle turning to open the door’, leading the development of push-pull handles.” “You only need to gently push or pull the handle, you can easily open the door lock, greatly reducing the time you need to open the door and ushering in the era of efficiency and convenience in life.”

Netizen “Scales” said that he believed the introduction of the sales information, bought a handful and installed it, but the finger was pinched with blood, and he also sent a photo of his finger being pinched and bleeding, and said that the lock “has huge security risks.”

Store response This lock only fits single doors

On April 2, the reporter came to the Yale electronic lock offline store of Fusen Mei Home No. 2 store near Chengdu South Railway Station, and a staff member told the reporter that they belonged to Yale’s dealers. The reporter noticed that this electronic code lock with a model of YMG40 has a price of more than 4,000 yuan, and when the staff asked the reporter that the door that needs to install a door lock is a more common “sub-mother door”, he told the reporter that this lock is too clamped, and is not suitable for sub-mother doors, nor is it suitable for double doors, only suitable for single doors. And explain to reporters on the spot why the lock is easy to cause pinching.

The staff also told reporters that the design concept of this lock is to pull out, not push in, if you want to buy this type of door lock, the usual way of opening the door must be changed. When the reporter asked to see the introduction of the lock, the staff member said, “This (introduction) is gone, we don’t push it (this lock) much, all lost, because now offline is not allowed to sell, so if the general customer really wants, we will buy the goods.” ”

The reporter also asked if it was because of the high complaint rate of the lock, and the staff did not respond directly. Why does this lock have clamps many times? Was the lock designed with easy grip in mind? Subsequently, the reporter sent an interview email to the other party through the email address on Yale’s official website, but as of press time, there was no response.

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