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When it comes to leather pants, everyone’s impression may be “difficult to wear”, tight leather pants are very slim, plus the leather itself has a certain expansion effect, wearing leather pants is easy to show fat, it seems to be Yang Mi’s exclusive pants with bamboo pole legs.

Therefore, in the early years, Deng Ziqi, who was slightly fat and had a poor proportion, turned over continuously in leather pants, and was ridiculed by netizens all over the netizens, and Liu Yifei wore leather pants after he was fed, which was visually fatter.

But this year leather pants are back in fashion, and even a little hot, and the queens with goods have a few pairs of hands and wear them repeatedly, which is too fashionable. But unlike the leather pants worn by Deng Ziqi back then, this year’s popular leather pants are wide-leg pants, although they are also leather pants, but the loose wide-leg pants are more sassy, and the large pants legs also make the leather look lighter and more breathable.

So Yang Mi loves it very much this winter, wearing it in private clothes at the airport, and wearing these leather pants for various event rehearsals and Spring Festival Gala rehearsals.

The same is true of the queens of European and American goods, Kendou and Bella, both of whom have several pairs of leather pants in their wardrobes, Kendou’s is mainly black, and there are slight differences in the length of the fit, with different styles of items.

Bella’s leather pants are more daring, and various colors and patterns have been tried, but the fit is unchanged, either slightly flared or wide-leg pants, which are very retro under her matching.

Everyone is very pampered, so how to pick, how to wear to look good? Let’s find inspiration together.

Choose a loose leg + high-waisted one

In the first two issues, we talked about white pants, tight pencil pants-type white pants are fat, and the requirements for leg shape are also very high, which will amplify the shortcomings of leg shape. For example, wearing this kind of white pants with a baby exposes his false crotch, leg shape and leg length ratio problems.

But if you change to white pants with a high-waisted wide-leg pants, it can be easily resolved, not only will it not look fat, but it can also modify the false crotch width, wear good proportions, and the style is also easy and fashionable.

The same is true for picky leather pants, as mentioned above, the tight model has high requirements for the leg shape, and this year’s popular leather pants are wide-leg pants. Want to wear a good proportion, do not magnify the shortcomings, leather pants are also choose high-waist wide-leg pants, Deng Ziqi replaced leather pants with wide-leg pants, the effect is much better~ It looks much smoother.

But also pay attention to the material and length.

Leather is divided into matte and glossy patent leather, and matte leather like the matte leather worn by Yang Mi is easier to show texture and easier to control. Conversely, glossy patent leather pants look edgy, but more inflated, and the difficulty of matching is a little higher than that of matte. If you want to be versatile, try to be more restrained in color, black and brown are the best match.

The second is the issue of length. Pants that are too long stacked can easily show short legs, leather pants are too long and easy to look stuffy, so try to choose the length that fits. Especially leather pants with bound feet.

In addition, if the pants are tied and do not want to be so stuffy, the ankles are exposed, and the two sets of comparisons below, Deng Ziqi’s leather pants are not as light and breathable as Zendaya’s.

Black leather pants have a strong style and are super versatile

In winter, we often wear black, in order to enrich the overall layering of wear, we can also start from the fabric without changing the color. For example, a black jacket with a pair of leather pants will look cooler and more layered than ordinary black pants, such as Yang Mi’s set.

The leather pants themselves have a cool feeling, plus matte black has no taboos in collocation, black wide-leg leather pants are really quite versatile like ordinary black pants, but they are stronger than ordinary black pants in style.

For example, Yang Mi’s set of black and white matching, changing to ordinary small black pants will not go wrong, but with leather pants, the style is cooler and more avant-garde, giving people a feeling that they are very good at buying and wearing, and the leather pants also echo the style of animal print shirts, making the gentle lamb wool wearing become milky.

Kendou’s two sets of top jacket style is a well-behaved and a basic, and the style texture has improved a lot after matching leather pants, one retro and high-end and one handsome.

Handsome leather pants can dissolve the childishness of the piece, Kendou’s sweater is a little childish, Bella’s suit is soft and warm and gentle, if you want to strengthen the sense of personality, a pair of leather pants will do.

For us ordinary people, the basic style is versatile, but lacks personality, and it is a very simple and convenient idea to match a pair of leather pants in the basics to make the style cooler and more personal.

Covering the proportions of the flesh, but also saving various basic models, you can buy a pair of black wide-leg leather pants this year~

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