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Xiaomi Mijia switch screen shows temperature and humidity Ordinary lights become intelligent

Recently, Xiaomi’s new Mijia screen display switch, mainly fancy it is a smart switch with screen display temperature, humidity, time, date, and also supports Xiaoai classmates and mobile phone remote control. It is divided into two different switches: single open single control and double open single control. According to the needs of the conditions at home, I chose the single-open single-control version, and I will share it with you to see how it is used.

After getting the product, you can see the appearance of this product from the outer packaging, and marked with support for Bluetooth mesh gateway, which can access the Mijia APP and Xiaoai speaker, which can realize intelligent scenarios such as remote switch lights, voice-activated switch lights, and home lights, which is also a practical point that needs it.

Mijia screen display switch packaging is relatively simple, but the details are still in place, there is a fixed switch paper shell and surface protective film, and marked with precautions, the author took a look, there are 3 points are still worth noting, first, can not zero line access; Second, non-lamp appliances such as bath bombs and water heaters cannot be accessed; Third, lamps with a total power greater than 200W cannot be accessed. The box comes with 2 screws and an instruction manual.

Peeling off the membrane reveals the front panel of the switch, with a screen above and a button cover below. The overall design is still simple style, the surface is made of piano paint technology, the feel is very smooth, and it will not leave fingerprints.

The buttons feel and haptic feedback are good, and the small groove at the bottom makes it easy to snap the switch panel.

At the top, you can see that there are 4 small holes for temperature and humidity sensing ports, through which the current indoor temperature and humidity can be monitored in real time.

After removing the button cover, you can see that there is a power-off gate and 2 screw mounting holes. The physical electric gate is mainly used to avoid electric shock accidents when changing lights and play a protective role.

During installation, in addition to removing the original switch, the manual should still be read, and there are 2 screws on the back for access and fixing the line. Generally, red is the live wire, access to the L socket, yellow is the lamp wire, access to the L1 socket. No need to wire to replace the lamp, after connecting the wire and installing back to screw the screws, the whole process is very simple, completed in a few minutes. Open the switch and pull the main gate to power on the test, see that the lamp does not flash, and the screen has a digital display to install the cover.

The Mijia screen display switch displays the temperature and humidity of the room by default, and when bound to the Mijia APP, it can display the date and time, outdoor weather. Through Xiaoai’s voice control to switch the light, you can also use the mobile phone to check the status and control the switch operation. In addition, smart devices such as fans, air conditioners and humidifiers can be linked to individual needs.

From the entire experience, there are still many intimate small details to dig, the Mijia App plug-in can change the screen style, the screen can switch the display content: maximize time, minimize temperature and humidity. At present, only these two modes are switched, and custom adjustment is not supported. In addition, it can also set different icons for different lamps, room classification, etc., which is convenient for users to identify.

To sum up, Xiaomi Mijia screen display switch, combining the temperature and humidity meter together, the biggest advantage is that there is no need to change the battery of the thermometer as before. Placing one in different rooms can not only monitor indoor temperature and humidity, but also better turn ordinary lamps into smart devices. The modification process is not complicated, you can experience the convenience brought by technology for only 100 yuan, and my mother no longer has to worry about me forgetting to turn off the lights.

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