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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The cover character of “World Fashion Garden ELLE” in April is Wang Yibo.

For the first time, three letters per person.

It means that one person took three covers,

This magazine with the same content can be published in three editions.

Of course, this kind of operation of the magazine is very chicken thief,

Because die-hard fans may buy three copies at a time,

Isn’t sales just rubbing?


Wang Yibo as a walking KPI, the printing machine of the world,

Didn’t disappoint.

Magazines are out of stock minute by minute,

Sold 50,000 copies in one second,

120,000 copies a minute,

260,000 copies in 30 minutes…

Therefore, it is called the savior of the print media (pompous).

However, I would like to appeal here.

Fans have spare money to generate electricity for love.

If you want to save money for breakfast for the week or misappropriate school fees,

Go for the love bean what sales words,

Duck doesn’t have to ha.

In short, I don’t care about sales,

The point is that there are three covers, and there are two women’s clothes worn by Wang Yibo.

Wow doll~

Here, compare.

This denim jacket is from Chanel,

Wang Yibo put his collar up, and matched an extra flower on his chest.

Everyone is a stinking face,

Wang Yibo dresses better than a model, how is it fat?

Come to Kangkang wearing this set of tidbits for playing on the trampoline.

The expression is very cold,

On the trampoline, stick to the cool lid with your hands in your pockets.

How to describe this feeling,

The world is just his playground?

Let’s look at another set.

What’s more, it’s a women’s dress…

Hahahahaha, fans are afraid that he will go away,

Shout: Wang Yibo, put my legs down!

But it’s amazing, maintaining this feminine posture, Ye La is still super A and wood?

I had to see Wang Yibo’s ability to control women’s clothing.

He has a title called “Wonder Man Who Wears Women’s Clothes with a Beautiful Face, but Not Girly.

How to say, this man’s women’s clothing style is a lot, we can taste it.

This set seems to be also a skirt, simple style, female models wear a cold wind,

Yara wears it, and he is a little lustful,

The eyes stared frantically at the pectorals.

This satin shirt, at first glance, belongs to the ugly clothes series,

The female model on the right makes people completely unwilling to buy,

Yay, why do you want to spend money so much?

There is a feeling that a buyer show can also dump a seller show for several streets.

Graffiti coats, we Yala is also a little yuppie.

A cropped undershirt resembling chiffon,

There is also no girliness at all.

This black and white cloak also has their own feeling when worn out,

The female model is an urban mature big woman who has a sense of sight,

Ya Lai is a cold noble son, that is, a sense of sight.

What’s more is the “little fragrant wind”.

When it came to “Little Xiangfeng” before, the first male star who came to my mind must be GD Quan Zhilong.

He who never dresses according to common sense,

Whether it is attending events or private clothes, I especially prefer Chanel’s children,

The temperament itself is very unique, wearing Chanel adds a sense of mystery and class.


Now, I am afraid that the name of Wang Yibo must be added to the “Little Xiangfeng” class.

A well-behaved single-button small suit,

The temperament and matching of the female model is sassy,

Yara omits complex elements, wearing black inside, and a necklace as embellishment,

The overall feeling is very aristocratic princely style.

This set of styles is on the long side, wide padded shoulders, or flared sleeves,

Women are dressed a little older,

Yara wears a kind of English gentlemanly style.

This set is very dark.

Yin and yin without losing handsomeness,

There is a tune of the vampire of Twilight.

Cropped blue top with a pair of metal-framed glasses,

He is an excellent senior at Cambridge University!

Remember this set of diagrams?

2019 Hunan Satellite TV New Year’s Eve, Ye Lao singing and dancing in the water,

The capture at that time caused a lot of netizens to AWSL.

The clothes are also women’s Chanel.

Wet hair, thick eyeliner, accessories on the chest… It’s super sexy overall.

It is worth mentioning that this set of clothes, Liu Wen also wore it.

Different feelings, all feel right.

Found no, harnessed the “little fragrant wind”,

Quan Zhilong and Wang Yibo are completely two factions.

Quan Zhilong is more feminine, Wang Yibo, but the hormonal breath is more explosive.

I like both anyway.

Perhaps some people are born to eat the bowl of fashion.

It is clear that it does not mix with the supermodel circle, but it is more talented than the supermodel, and any section is deadly.

pondered why Wang Yibo could wear women’s clothes out of his feelings,

There are probably several reasons.

The first may be his skin color, which determines that he wears women’s clothing without a sense of discord.

Wang Yibo’s white skin is well known,

People with white skin themselves have a larger range of choices in the dimension of the fashion industry,

There are even more styles to change.

Moreover, the skin is white, and it is destined to have no chance with the earthy taste.

The second is that Wang Yibo’s appearance conditions are very manly and rigid enough.

A few days ago, his Adam’s apple was also on the hot search,

I don’t need to taste it, it’s shark me.

His hands are also large, and his fingers are long and thin,

Have you ever seen the “acrobatics” of holding three bottles in one hand?

And then shoulder width,

Fans say that they want to be the Pacific shoulder wide stream lui for Yala all the time,

It’s so secure.

The third is the temperament in the bones.

He himself is actually a “big boy”.

You can see that his usual private clothes are completely casual and casual,

Often all kinds of sports jackets, board shoes, with 200 yuan canvas dirty bag.

This kid loves all kinds of extreme sports.

Go go-kart.



Last year he became addicted to skateboarding.

Even when you walk to the airport, you have to slide around.

Under the influence of good friend Yin Zheng,

Fell in love with riding motorcycles again.

It’s simply, what a thrill to play.

Who wouldn’t be attracted by the blood of such a young, attitude, playful and cool boy?

Back to the topic of fashion, in the same way,

Stylish finish, ability to master a variety of styles, including heterosexual styles,

It is also done by both the outside and the inside.

Of course, the key is Kwon Zhilong’s famous saying: the completion of fashion depends on the face. Hahahaha…

Finally, I want to shout Mai, Ya La, please don’t stop wearing women’s clothes, continue Ya Lada, okay?