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Dressing is always different for each person. Sometimes, it is not that women wear expensive and colorful clothes that will necessarily be beautiful. Whether the clothes we wear are beautiful or not depends a lot on your overall grasp of color and outfits. Depending on the age stage of women, temperament and charm will naturally change, and dressing should first echo and complement our own external temperament.

Even ordinary clothing, after some simple matching changes, can be worn with a different charm. Today, let’s talk about the topic of middle-aged women’s dressing and matching. When we are dressing, we remind you not to underestimate the charm of the bowler hat, whether a woman is 30 or 50 years old, it is beautiful after wearing it.

Dress demonstration one, chiffon dress + bowler hat

In the spring and summer of each year, chiffon dresses are one of the more common skirt styles for middle-aged women. There are many advantages to dresses made from chiffon, with a draped and flowing hem that creates a relaxed and casual beauty. But if the chiffon dress is worn alone, it will inevitably be a little ordinary, if middle-aged women want to wear their own characteristic charm, we still need to work matching.

The chiffon dress on the right is a relatively simple solid color style, and the ginger skirt color scheme itself is not picky about the skin tone, which is much more attractive than the white chiffon dress. As a full-body style, middle-aged women want to wear chiffon dresses to their own charm, we can wear this bowler hat on the head, with the addition of the bowler hat, middle-aged women suddenly look elegant and show their dressing taste.

Dress demonstration two, floral skirt + bowl hat

The floral dress should be one of the inseparable clothing for women of any age, and it is more popular and sought after by middle-aged women every year with the pattern of broken flowers. The white shirt on the left is elegant and bright with a pink floral dress, and the pink floral dress with the lower body is rich and elegant. The woven dome straw hat worn on the head has cleverly become the visual focus of the middle-aged woman’s overall outfit, and the middle-aged woman’s face shape is delicate and small.

Dress demonstration three, cotton and linen skirt + bowler hat

For middle-aged women who want to wear elegant femininity, cotton and linen skirts are also a good choice for us. The material of cotton and linen feels soft and delicate and breathable, and it is relatively comfortable to wear in spring and summer, which can effectively avoid the feeling of stuffiness and restraint. The beige cotton and linen dress on the left is chic, and the waist is specially made to cinch the waist, and the style is exquisite and attractive. The matching khaki dome hat is a style with a strong sense of design, and the black streamer is decorated on the body, which is fashionable and does not show age.

Dressing simply does not necessarily mean monotony, especially for older middle-aged women, we need to dress more simply, compared to those complex personality of popular clothing, often classic and generous styles can stimulate the unique charm of middle-aged women. The light blue crewneck sweater on the left is gentle and dignified with a white cotton and linen skirt, and this light beige bowler hat shows the middle-aged woman’s and feminine side.

Even simple black and white outfits are equally suitable for middle-aged women to control, helping middle-aged women wear timeless clothing beauty. This white slip dress belongs to a simple design of solid color style, white can brighten the facial skin tone of middle-aged women to a certain extent, making the facial skin of middle-aged women white and shiny. The black bowler hat and black belt on the head can just echo the middle-aged woman’s full body outfit, which is simple but very advanced.