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The first line buckle fur heels

High heels are a must for every girl, tall girls wear new temperament, short girls can wear new heights, and high heels with fox hair embellishment, this winter is particularly popular, pointed toe design is more fashionable.

Mink capillary heels with pointed toe

Shallow high heels have always been the first choice for beautiful girls, because they can especially highlight the sexiness of the feet, plus the unique mink fur upper design, it looks very delicate, and the design of the pointed toe and thin heel is super feminine.

Pointed toe silver-toned high heels

A very bold design, two fluffy and cute hairball decorations, allowing you to easily wear luxury and sexy, temperament small pointed toe to show your elegance, leather inside breathable and delicate, gorgeous silver, pure and elegant, attend the annual meeting high-profile appearance.

Rabbit stiletto heels

This shoe is not only a furry design on the outside, but also oh, it is really warm to wear in winter, and the rabbit hair upper of genuine leather looks very tall.

Sexy rabbit fur high heeled fur shoes

With a stylish and pedicure little pointed toe, it looks good no matter how you wear it, and the inner lint is plush so that the heels can be worn unscrupulously in winter.

Rabbit hair mid-heel fur shoes

In addition to bringing warmth to the winter in the upper of the soft plush, the ankle looks extremely slender, the looming ankle is very effective to show the thin heart, the slender metal buckle, showing youth and beauty, the heel is not too high, walking will be very steady.