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In recent years, MUJI has become a popular brand in China from an ordinary grocery store.

MUJI’s products are based on a minimalist style, reducing decorative elements and returning to the concept of natural life, especially its clothing line products, which are a collection of various products

Primary color, minimalist, cotton and linen, Xinjiang cotton

and other primary colors, comfortable to wear and match.

Speaking of MUJI’s clothing line, what is the best thing to buy? I have to talk about its Xinjiang cotton clothing items.

Xinjiang cotton clothing list quality is soft, comfortable to the touch, and excellent sweat absorption characteristics, combined with MUJI’s simple design style, easy to match formal or casual style, this spring I want it all!

(Knowledge of small science: Xinjiang cotton originated from Xinjiang, China, with the characteristics of long pile, good quality and high yield, and the clothing made with it is more comfortable and stylish. )

5 pieces of MUJI Xinjiang cotton clothing single variety grass sharing:

01. MUJI men’s Xinjiang cotton shirt

MUJI’s white shirt for men, really highly recommended!

The selection of the finest Xinjiang cotton materials, combined with the wool technology, is comfortable to the touch, soft and warm, fully highlighting the best quality of cotton. Combined with a clean white base, the upper body effect is comfortable and stylish, and it is very nice with contrast slacks,

It can be easily navigated in the workplace or in everyday leisure.

Middle-aged men who are older and more mature can choose Xinjiang cotton check and striped shirts.

Break the slightly monotony of the primary color and decorate the body with checks or stripes to enhance the visual highlight and styling, and pair it with a pair of black slacks for calm but not old-fashioned.

02. MUJI women’s Xinjiang cotton blouse

MUJI Xinjiang cotton blouse, the overall cut follows the sweatshirt style design, short fit but not slim,

It’s easy to handle without picking a figure

。 Combined with the soft texture and basic elements of Xinjiang cotton, it is comfortable to wear.

With it, you can use the “contrast method”, the casual casualness of white blouse + cropped blue jeans, or the elegant intellectuality of a khaki skirt, suitable for any occasion.

03. MUJI men’s Xinjiang cotton polo shirt

Polo shirts have always been complained about as “fashion insulators”, and many men dare not try them easily, but MUJI’s Xinjiang cotton polo shirt wins with comfort and minimalist design style.

Striped color-block polo shirts have a calm atmosphere, which is very suitable for middle-aged men in the workplace, and they are very tasteful whether worn alone or underneath.

Young men who are a little younger can choose MUJI’s pure white Xinjiang cotton polo shirt.

The whole does not have any decorative elements embellishment, the basic pure white with the classic lapel design, the style of simplification is comfortable to wear, comfortable and not old-fashioned.

04. MUJI women’s Xinjiang cotton dress

To be honest, MUJI’s dress is really quite picky, the overall pure color does not have a little contrast element decoration, many people feel so tacky after reading it! However, it happens that its minimalist design can better reflect the wearer’s dressing skills and temperament taste.

MUJI’s dresses do not have a traditional waist shaping design

, the loose fit can be worn by almost everyone,

It is also a good choice as maternity clothing

。 Whether it is a preppy polo neck design or a basic crewneck style, the original style concept is brought to the extreme.

Of course

Women who are confident enough and have thin arms can definitely try this sleeveless dress

, the partial skin is slightly sexy, with a button placket, with a bit of formal traditional taste is very feminine.

05. MUJI Xinjiang cotton shawl

MUJI’s Xinjiang cotton shawl is really suitable for temperamental women. The solid base is combined with the soft touch of Xinjiang cotton, which can be used as a shawl or as a scarf.

It can also be as simple as possible to match,

Striped T-shirt + white shawl + denim skirt


White T-shirt + aqua blue shawl + jeans

, simple and high-grade super temperament.

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